The IET’s mission is to Inspire, Inform and Influence and IET India is taking forward this mission through a number of initiatives.

Our International Prestige Lectures have grown into strong meeting places for knowledge-sharing across sectors.

The IET Energy Lecture was held in Kolkata in April and focused on the importance of electricity storage in a renewable
world. Anthony Price, Director of the Electricity Storage Network delved deep into the benefits, challenges and impact
of storage on commercial operations. Electricity storage developers, network and system operators, supply companies
and users found the talk immensely useful.

The sixth edition of the IET Pinkerton Lecture was held in Bangalore to explore the evolving phenomenonof Internet of
Things. Dr. Robert Pepper, VP Global Technology Policy at Cisco shared his insights at the lecture titled ‘Re-imagining Society through the Internet of Everything’. Read more about his talk in this issue.

The 2nd half of 2015 will see a series of important events designed to share knowledge, recognise engineering excellence and provide a platform for collaboration between industry and academia. Our curtain raiser section in this issue will give you a heads up of the activities and events planned.

In May 2014 IET India articulated its evolving strategy for the next three years. In this issue, the Pune LN shares its plans on how the LN will align its activities to the India strategy. We featured the Mumbai LN strategy in our April edition and look forward to hearing from the other LNs too.

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Best wishes,
Azra Fathima,

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Dear Colleagues,

The first half of 2015 has been action packed and rewarding.

At a global level the IET launched the Engineering and Technology Reference. The E&T Reference is a new world-class collection of online multidisciplinary technical articles and case studies. Written by practitioners, it is designed to give engineers practical, on-the-ground insight into today’s technological engineering solutions.

The IET also launched its on a new mobile friendly platform. Read about this in detail inside.

In India more than 7,000 students applied for The IET India Prestige Scholarship programme of which the best two contestants will win the National Scholarship Award. The scholarship awards will be given away by Mr N R Narayana Murthy Founder, Infosys Limited, on the 31 st of August at a glittering ceremony in Bangalore.

The pilot for the Faraday School Programme is planned to be launched in the current academic session in 10 schools spread across the country. An advisory committee has been created to provide advice and guidance. The programme will be formally launched at Delhi in early September by Prof. William Webb, President of the IET.

The IET international accreditation has for long been recognised and coveted by academia as a mark of quality education. This year four universities across the country have applied for the IET accreditation. Another five universities are in conversations with us for the accreditation of their programmes. The IET India Academic Accreditation Board has been formed under the chairmanship of
Dr S S Mantha, ex-Chairman of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Prof. H P Khincha, Prof. S C Sahasrabuddhe, and
Prof A. Chakrabarti are the Board members.

IET India is conducting a survey to assess trends in engineering education. A full-fledged report, with findings will be released on September 30th by the IET President-elect Naomi Climer and IET Chief Executive Nigel Fine at Delhi.We hope this report will serve to provide data-led insights into India’s engineering landscape for the use of stakeholders in academia, industry and the government.

Finally we are all looking forward to the Community Volunteers Conference slated to be held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October. We will have our new President Naomi Climer and our Chief Executive Nigel Fine attending the event. In fact this event will be Naomi’s first official engagement after she takes over as the IET’s President on October 1st, 2015. I hope your year is turning out to be as exciting as it is for the IET!

Best regards,
Shekhar Sanyal
Director & Country Head, IET India

KCG College of Technology, Chennai organised the annual Project Challenge for engineering students. The competition is a platform for students to build on their ability to apply theoretical concepts to solving real-life engineering problems. Here’s a summary of some of the projects presented:

Students of the Computer Science department presented a host of interesting Android apps. An Android app that tracks missing belongings using Bluetooth, GSM and GPS and sends location of the missing items via SMS was an instant hit with visitors. Another promising app was a Brain Painting device which translates neural signals obtained from
ALS patients’ brains (using P300 - Base Brain Computer Interface) to drawings on a computer screen, and thereby helps them to communicate better with others.

Self-Consolidating Concrete – a new form of reinforcement that
improves constructability, structural integrity and project completion times was presented by students of Chemical Engineering department. They also demonstrated the usage of copper slag as partial replacement of fine aggregate in concrete for improved efficiencies.

Students of the IT department showcased an Energy Competent Cluster, which automatically monitors environmental conditions and thereby increases the network lifetime. A Decision Support System that analyses marks obtained by students and provides the list of students eligible for placements was also presented.

Design and fabrication of Remote Controlled Vehicle which could manoeuvre into small spaces to aid rescue operations was one of
the interesting projects showcased by Mechanical engineering department. Hillclimb Powerdrive – a technology that uses secondary gearbox to increase torque of heavy vehicles in high range driving and Nanofluid aided water heaters were among the other projects showcased.

The electronics and communications department showcased robots which could perform a variety of tasks that included prevention of accidents and surveillance. Cutting-edge technology projects were
also demonstrated by students of the Aeronautical Engineering department covering areas such as fabrications and natural fibre composites.

An expert panel of judges representing the R&D community provided feedback to participants and declared winning projects from each department.


IET Mumbai LN organised Finance Guru – a seminar on the essentials of finance for students at SVKM’s Mukesh Patel School of Technology and Management, Mumbai.

Mr Qais Mirkar, Associate Director, Standard Chartered Bank discussed the role of finance in entrepreneurship decisions. Focused on start-ups, the discussion revolved around issues including sources of funding, private equity players and legislations governing start-ups. He also shared valuable learnings from his career in banking and working with Small and Medium Scale enterprises.

The session was a great starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs to understand the various funding options available for start-ups. Members and volunteers of the IET Mumbai LN facilitated the event.

Prof Dik Morling, IET Accreditor & Emeritus Professor, University of Westminster, delivered a lecture on the history of VLSI Design at Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai.

Prof Morling talked about the invention of transistors by Bell Labs in 1947 which was a turning point in the field, shifting the focus from vacuum tubes to solid-state devices, so that today, integrated circuits can be manufactured containing billions of transistors.

As the integrated circuit manufacturing technology improved, the increasing technology of the microchips became a challenge for designers. This was solved by the introduction of computer-aided design software and the adoption of rigorous design methodologies to get the circuit design “Right First Time”. Moore’s law has been remarkably accurate in predicting the exponential increase in circuit size and speed up to now. However, this cannot last as the sizes of transistors are now approaching atomic dimensions. The challenge for tomorrow’s circuit and software designers will be to continue the improvement in electronic performance without the help of improved fabrication technology. Prof Morling also discussed latest developments in the field of VLSI and its novel applications.

Dr P Shankar, Principal, Saveetha School of Engineering, senior faculty members and volunteers of IET Chennai LN were present.

Prof Morling also spent some time with the senior faculty team to help them understand the process and the benefits of International Accreditation. Dr P Shankar (Principal), Heads of Departments and Faculty Coordinators were present.


Saveetha School of Engineering organised workshops, technical contests and project exhibitions as part of the Le Incasso Technical Fest.

The workshop series featured sessions on popular computing tools and programming languages including MATLAB, LabVIEW & Image Processing and Mobile App Development. The sessions facilitated by experts were aimed at increasing the industry readiness of students and equipping them with practical skills. Students gained experience in handling basic embedded systems and microcontrollers, design and implementation of Android apps and designing their own circuits as outcomes of the workshop.

Technical competitions on circuit debugging, CADD and Mobile Application Development were also organised for students.

A project competition showcased some innovative student projects conceptualized to address pressing societal challenges. The winning projects were chosen on innovation, feasibility of implementation and level of societal impact.

The Young Professionals Section of IET Chennai LN and the IET Student Chapter at VIT University organised the fourth edition of VIT- Technical United Conference. The event is credited to be one of its kind among the Technical Model United Nations Conferences.

The conference is a Technology focused version of the Model United Nations format (also known as Model UN or MUN) - an educational simulation competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. The participants are referred to as delegates and they present their position/solution to real/fictional technology related challenges through well researched presentations.

Some of the challenges that the VIT Technical MUN Delegates discussed were:

Legalisation of Banned Technologies: Delegates had to come up with technology solutions for Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS), which are capable of identifying and suppressing lethal threats and also have the ability to wipe out mankind when used irresponsibly.

The Stuxnet Crisis: A malicious code had crept into the heart of Nuclear Reactors around the world that was capable of bringing them down. Participants had to come up with ways to protect their countries’ reactors and nuclear grids from this deadly virus.

Development and Exploration of Space: The world’s greatest extra-terrestrial threat was believed to have ended in Montenegro (South Eastern Europe) in 2014. But increasing numbers of unexplained electrical outage and radiation bursts suggest that the world might still witness this. Delegates had to decide the course of action to tackle the situation.

Disease and Pandemic Containment: The Ebola outbreak and the alarming fatality rate uncovered many gaps in our existing medical systems. Delegates had to come up with solutions to contain the virus and its spread before it reached pandemic proportions.

Best presentations from each committee were awarded. IET Chennai LN YP Chairman, Prof D S John Deva Prasanna inaugurated the event. Members and senior volunteers of the IET Chennai LN were present.


In the previous edition of Member Matters, we brought to you IET Mumbai LN’s approach to align its plans and activities with the IET India strategy. In this issue, Dr Madhuri Joshi, Chair of the IET Pune Local Network shares the initiatives
of the LN that will help to take forward the overall India strategy.

IET Pune LN launched its Community Awareness Programme to garner interest of students and working engineers in the sectors that have been identified by IET India as its focus areas namely - Solar Energy, Internet of Things (IoT) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Events including seminars, technical talks, conferences and lectures around these themes will be organised. The initiatives will help the LN to reach out to IET members and subject matter experts for their guidance and inputs in these sector activities. The Programme will also provide opportunities for non-members to connect with areas of their interest, thus increasing the circle of influence for the IET. The Programme will also focus on inculcating problem-solving skills and igniting an entrepreneurial mindset among engineering students.

In the 2015-2017 strategy for India, Education has been identified as a key a focus area.To strengthen this focus, the Pune LN has started the Women in Engineering group. This initiative brings women engineers together to discuss challenges related to their engineering career, research etc. The group is also working to make core engineering a desirable career option for women.

With a clear focus on sectors and education, the Pune LN is taking forward the IET vision of Working to Engineer a Better World.

Thank you IET Pune LN and we wish you all success in your endeavours!

We invite other LNs to tell us how their activities and initiatives will align to the IET India strategy.

Please visit the IET India strategy page here

The IET Mumbai Local Network and K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology organised a National Technical Paper Presentation Competition for engineering students.

Over 100 teams from the state of Maharashtra submitted entries to the competition. The panel selected 50 papers to be presented at the competition.

Mr L E D’Cruz, Past Vice Chairman and Mr Jhonny Menezes,

senior volunteer of the IET Mumbai LN inaugurated the event.
Dr Dilip Pangavhane, Principal, K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Technology was present along with members and senior volunteers of the IET Mumbai LN.

A distinguished panel of judges representing the industry and academia evaluated the participants’ presentation skills, confidence and technical knowledge. Cash prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners.


The Computer Science department of KCG College of Technology organised a national level Technical Fest. Dr T Rengaraja, Principal, KCG College of Technology expressed his concern over the declining standards of engineering education. He emphasised the need for both teachers and learners to focus on practical applications of theory.

Prakash Arunachalam, VP & Delivery Head, Virtusa Chennai was the Chief Guest. Discussing some of the most recent developments in the engineering industry, he highlighted the need for students to be specialists in the field of their interest as opposed to having aggregate knowledge. Bala Rajagopalan, Head – Information Security, Blue Mountain Capital Management, New York was the Guest of Honour. Bala highlighted security vulnerabilities in Next Generation Network Security.

Workshops on ethical hacking and game development were also organised at the Fest and career opportunities for students in these domains were discussed.

Students participated in a technical paper presentation competition to discuss recent developments in CSE and modern computing. A host of other competitions were organised for young engineers including Android App development, web designing and poster designing, code conversion competition and ethical hacking contests. Students also participated in mock interview sessions designed to prepare them for final placements.

Awards function

Winners of various competitions were felicitated at an awards function.
Mr Titus Thanga Primus, Senior Manager – Projects, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai was the Chief Guest. Highlighting the importance of preparation and presentation in placement interviews, he urged students to go that extra mile and put their best into preparing for the big day.

Dr T Rengaraja, Principal, KCG College of Technology, Prof S Cloudin, Treasurer of IET Chennai LN and other volunteers of IET Chennai LN attended the event.

The IET Kanyakumari LN organised a career development session for its members. Mr Cyril Xavier, Divisional Engineer at BSNL conducted the session which included motivational talks, experience sharing and games. Cyril’s explained the 10 D mantra to a successful career - Desire, Decision, Discrimination, Discernment, Determination, Discipline, Dedication, Detachment and Divinity

Members and senior volunteers of the IET Kanyakumari LN attended the event.


IET Kolkata LN organised software training workshops, paper presentation competition and industry visits for students of Techno India College, Salt Lake.

A workshop on ETAP Software was organised at Techno India College, Salt Lake, to provide hands-on training to students. ETAP is a fully integrated electrical engineering software for design, simulation, operation, control, optimisation and automation of industrial power systems. The workshop helped students gain a thorough understanding of power system engineering capabilities and analytical techniques to solve a variety of practical problems.

A training session on using Ladder Logic Programming on PLC was also organised for students. The session helped students familiarise with the PLC hardware interface and industrial automation techniques.

A technical Paper Presentation was organised for students. Over 50 papers were selected of which 15 were presented in the final round. Winners were selected by distinguished jury on the basis of the students’ technical understanding of complex topics and presentation skills.

IET Student Members of the Electrical Engineering department of Techno India College visited the refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Limited in Haldia, West Bengal. The Haldia Refinery was set up for processing 2.5 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA) and was commissioned in January 1975 for producing fuel products and Lube base stocks.

The visit helped students see engineering theories in action and gain a better understanding of best practices adopted in this sector.

A team of IET Members from Atkins Bangalore have secured 3rd place in MERIT- a global engineering competition held in the UK.

Management Enterprise Risk Innovation and Teamwork (MERIT) is an annual international business game competition conducted in the UK and supported by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). Teams of young engineers from leading companies around the world participate in the contest every year. This year, MERIT attracted participation from 120 teams.

For the first time, two teams from Atkins India made it to the final round of MERIT
held at Loughborough University, UK. Aswin Pradeep, Bony Jacob, Madhu Bharadwaj,
Mohd Yasir, Rama Subramanian and Vinoth Rajamani of Team Singularity won the
third place after two days of intense competition.

“The realistic scenarios generated by the MERIT software unfolding over several stages, mimicking the development of a real company were highly challenging and has tested the skills & teamwork abilities of each team member. We had a fantastic 3 months,where we came across complex challenges”, says team Singularity.

Congratulations Team Singularity! Atkins and the IET are proud of you!


The 2015 edition of IET Pinkerton Lecture was held in Bangalore on July 9, 2015. The topic for this year’s lecture was ‘Reimagining Society through the Internet of Everything’ and was delivered by Dr. Robert Pepper, Vice President, Global Technology Policy, Cisco.

Dr Pepper identified critical global challenges and how the Internet of Everything (IoE) can help address them through digital technology. He stressed on the importance of transforming data into actionable insights. He also said that critical technology and public policy issues could accelerate or stall the transformational benefits of IoE and therefore execution should be the key focus for India.Referring to the Digital India Week, Dr Pepper said that it was a key initiative because it spelt out “the how” of Digital India’s vision. Reflecting on the significance of the Pinkerton Lecture, Dr.Pepper said,“The world is going digital and IoT is redefining customisation and innovation in engineering. The IET Pinkerton lecture is a unique proposition by the IET to ensure that the technical community is kept abreast with the latest trends in engineering and technology and IoT/IoE is definitely the next market transition for all sectors of engineering and society. I am honoured to be part of this important conversation”.

Key take -aways
  1. Internet generates huge volumes of data. But data alone does not have meaning. Bridging the gap between data and analysis actually makes data useful and helpful to people. That’s the difference between Internet & IoT.
    • In 1984 only 1000 devices were connected. Today it is at 14 billion. In 2019, 24.5 billion devices will be connected.
    • In 2019, half the world population will be on IoT making it fastest technology adoption.
    • Value at stake for Internet of Everything in India will be $511 billion by 2025
    • 2,27,000 networking jobs in India will not be filled in 2016 because there are not enough skilled people.
    • ‘Network readiness’ correlates strongly with global competitiveness and India has slipped 80 places in global rank.
    • India needs to work faster to improve network readiness and campaigns like Digital India Week, if implemented well, could help in this direction.
    • Technology adoption improves living standards but increases digital divide. India should focus on making technology available to everyone to prevent this.
  2. Over 200 delegates from leading technology organisations including Samsung, GE, L&T Technologies, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), HCL Technologies, Capgemini, Atkins, BEL, Netapp, Infosys and Cisco attended the event. Students and faculty from IIIT-B, PES University and NIT- Surathkal also attended the lecture. The event provided an opportunity to the delegates to ask questions on IoT and get expert insights from Dr. Pepper. Photos from the event have been posted on the IET India Facebook page.

Dr Robert Pepper also delivered talks at IET Academic Affiliate colleges – SRM University and Hindustan University in Chennai. We will bring you snapshots from these sessions in our upcoming issue.

IET India announces MoU with Tech Mahindra

"IET India and Tech Mahindra have signed an MoU to collaborate in various areas of Science, Engineering and Technology"


IET India hosted its annual Energy Lecture titled, ‘Power, energy and time – electricity storage in a renewable world’ on April 23,2015 in Kolkata. The lecture was delivered by Anthony Price, MA CEng MICE MIET, Director, Swanbarton Limited and the Electricity Storage Network.

Anthony’s talk focused on the benefits and challenges presented by renewable energy generation and electricity storage in the power systems. He gave an overview of how renewable energy generation enhances reliability and security of supply while also discussing the future of electricity storage, commercial opportunities and the increasing global interest in electricity storage.

During the course of the lecture, Anthony Price said, “We invest in insurance to protect our assets. But the key to making our energy infrastructure secure is to invest in energy storage. It is a privilege to be able to work with the IET to deliver this message in India. It has been good to meet so many people from industry and academia and other stakeholders in the power industry who are so interested in energy storage.”

Nearly 150 attendees from both industry and leading academia attended the lecture.

IET India has a rich calendar of events lined up in the next few weeks and months.Please save the dates and stay tuned for more updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

IET India Scholarship Award Ceremony | August 31 | Bengaluru

The winners of the 3rd edition of IET India Scholarship Award will be felicitated at the Scholarship Awards ceremony on August 31, 2015 in Bengaluru. IET President Prof. William Webb has kindly consented to be the Guest of Honour.

IET IoT Conference at Electronica 2015 | September 10 |
New Delhi

IET India along with MMI is organising a one day conference on the Internet of Things at the electronica productronica tradeshow at Pragati Maidan, in New Delhi. Electronica productronica is the leading tradeshow for electronics components, systems, applications and production technologies. The conference aims to cover the latest trends of the IoT world. To request for an invitation, please write to
For event sponsorship opportunities, please contact
Harsha B S | | M: +91 9986009693

South Asia Community Volunteer Conference | October 2-4 | Lonavala

The South Asia Community Volunteer Conference (SA CVC) for 2015 will be held between October 2nd and 4th in Lonavala, Maharashtra.
Over 70 IET volunteers from India and Sri Lanka will participate in the conference themed ‘Inspire Engage Transform’. Ms Naomi Climer, President-elect of the IET and Mr Nigel Fine, Chief Executive of the IET have kindly consented to be present at this edition of the IET SA CVC.

Modern Aerospace & Engineering Technologies 2015 | December 1st Week | Bengaluru

The IET, UKTI and the Science and Innovation Network will come together to host a conference on Modern Aerospace and Engineering Technologies. The event will be hosted in Bengaluru in the first week of December. We will share more details on this conference soon.


St Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering, one of south India’s leading private engineering colleges, is now an IET academic affiliate.

Established and managed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Kottar, it is approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu and recognised by the AICTE. The college is affiliated to Anna University and has more than 4,000 students with 250 faculties offering six undergraduate, twelve postgraduate and five PhD programmes.

With the support and efforts Professor M Marsaline Beno, the college has had an IET Student Chapter since 2007. The chapter regularly holds technical meetings, group discussions and symposiums to improve the technical knowledge and communication skills of the students. To strengthen the engagement and further leverage the various IET benefits, the college has become an IET Academic Affiliate. “As an academic affiliate of the world’s largest multidisciplinary professional engineering body, students will learn a lot about technological innovations and creativity. It will open up a whole world of services and contacts for the students to develop the necessary technical skills for success,” says Dr Joseph Jawahar, Principal, St Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering.

IET Member Ketan Gandhi’s firm KgGuruji Consulting & Services has been featured in India’s 25 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultancy companies. The ranking appeared in the May 2015 issue of Consultant’s Review magazine.

Ketan’s unique approach in helping business owners and managers to develop a solid foundation for their organisation has won his company many accolades.

KgGuruji has clients in over 9 countries and the firm caters to high growth sectors including energy, electrical & automation, infrastructure, engineering, manufacturing, health care and education

Here’s wishing Ketan hearty congratulations and success for the future too.

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1. Professor Dik Morling delivered the lecture on
History of VLSI Design at this Academic Affiliate
college of the IET.

2. Dr Robert Pepper of Cisco delivered this IET
Prestige Lecture on the Internet of Things.

3. The IET Mumbai LN organised Finance -------------
seminar for aspiring entrepreneurs.

4. We have featured the strategy of this IET LN and
it’s ideas for aligning with the IET India strategy
in this edition

5. VIT University hosted -----------Model United
Nations contest supported by the IET

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