I was very pleased to be invited to chair the 2013 Volunteer Conference for this important region of the world. What a privilege it was to see so many inspired volunteers, proud of their achievements and hotly competing against their peers from other Local Networks in the various challenges held over the two days. The competitive spirit was strong, as too was the sense of fun.

The theme of our conference was Inspire, Engage, Grow. There were so many good ideas shared that everyone could find something new to take back and try in their own network, all based on tried and tested techniques from others in the region. Add to that the tools provided by the IET to run successful Local Networks gives us a powerful capability to Engage with more members; to in turn inspire more volunteers and to realise the growth potential for the IET whilst also building our own skills and influence in society.

A lot of preparation and organisation was needed behind the scenes to make the event run smoothly, and I would like to thank Shekhar and the team for making it happen, my co-host Prakash for his leadership of the volunteer team and of course Rohan for arranging the fabulous and spectacular cultural activities throughout our short visit to Sri Lanka. For me a memorable first visit to Sri Lanka.

Nigel Ward, Co-Chairman, IET SA CVC 2013

The SA Community Volunteer Conference 2012 in Bangalore was aimed to get the ‘buy in’ of the IET’s volunteering community for the IET’s strategy, mission and business plans. So, we endeavoured to retain the theme of CVC 2012 - ‘Inspire, Engage, Grow, but bring in focus to achieve higher impact and relevance. What made this year’s conference unique is that despite a very packed agenda for one and half days, I did not see any sign of fatigue. The energy levels and involvement demonstrated by the volunteers throughout the event was very high and commendable. Thank you!

I would once again request all the volunteers not to forget the message ‘back to future’ next way of thinking i.e. aiming high for IET.

Prakash Nayak, Co-Chairman, IET SA CVC 2013


The IET instituted the annual IET India Scholarship
Awards in 2013, to underline the organisation’s commitment to India’s
engineering community and incentivise young people entering the
engineering and technology profession. The Scholarship was also designed to reward and celebrate individual excellence and innovation among undergraduate engineering students, including women student engineers.The total scholarship amount is approximately Rs. 8,00,000/- (£10,000).

IET India had set up the IET India Advisory Committee in June 2012, to build a strong framework for IET India Scholarship Awards. Members of the Advisory committee included some of the best academicians from across India. The Advisory Committee provided guidance and valuable insights to set up a rigorous and world-class evaluation and shortlisting process.

The preliminary rounds of this prestigious award received an excellent response from engineering students across India. Nearly 5,000 candidates applied for the IET India Scholarship Award.

The competition was spread across four levels. The first level filtered applicants on the eligibility criteria. At the second level, candidates had to write an online test that evaluated them across various parameters including academic performance, extracurricular activities and range of outreach activities. More than 700 students competed to demonstrate their knowledge, aptitude and talents.

73 students contested at the third and regional rounds of the competition. For this, candidates had to come up with engineering solutions to solve problems impacting society. Solutions had to be original, socially acceptable, economically feasible and technologically viable.

  • Arsenic free water for all
  • Technical solutions to implement national food security bill
  • Technological solutions for effective water management
  • Inclusive growth using technology

  • Suhas Vidhate, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai
  • Sayali Dhavale, College of Engineering, Pune
  • Pratik Nayak, R V College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Lekha K B, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • Dishant Munjal, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Rourkela
  • Ankana Dhar, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur
  • Unnat Jain, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur
  • Siddha Ganju, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Hamirpur

Eight national finalists vied for the crown on August 23 in New Delhi. Once again, they were tested not just for their technical knowledge and problem solving capability, but also for their potential to be next generation leaders.

At the end of the presentations, the 3-member jury had the names of the winners and runners up in both the General and Women’s categories.

The jury comprised of Dr. Abhijit Chakrabarti, Ph.D., Vice Chairman, West Bengal State Council of Higher Education; Prof. H P Khincha, Ph.D, former Vice-Chancellor, VTU, Karnataka and Prof. S S Murthy, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Karnataka.


A special awards function was hosted to honour the winners of the inaugural Scholarship Award. The function was held on August 23 at FICCI auditorium in New Delhi. It was indeed a fitting culmination to a lot of hard work and determination that the young student engineers demonstrated across four gruelling rounds of the Scholarship competition.

When the winners were announced, the auditorium erupted in a loud cheer. It was a true celebration of innovation, creativity, excellence and leadership demonstrated by the young engineers.

The event was attended by over 300 people including students, faculty and professionals.

Shri. D.P. Agrawal, Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) was the Chief Guest. Shri. V K Kanjlia, Secretary, Central Board of Irrigation and Power and Major General Retired R K Sanan, Vishist Seva Medal and Secretary and Director General of Institution of Engineers, India were the Guests of Honour.

Someone famously said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

For the IET in India and for the student engineers who reached the national finals of the IET India Scholarship award, it has truly been a journey of a thousand miles. Celebrity sand artist Nitish Bharti rendered these two journeys, live, in imaginative and clever sand art.

For those who did not win, Nitish Bharti conveyed a message through his art that was truly inspiring – “while the world celebrates victory, we would like to remind all our young participants that the future is yours for you to mould. Winning is never a one-time thing. You’ll emerge a champion if you can move forward from your defeat without losing heart.”

A short video film that captured the key moments of the Scholarship challenge through the various levels of the competition wasthe other highlight of the event.



Suhas Vidhate, IIT Mumbai (General Category)

Siddha Ganju, NIT Hamirpur (Women’s Category)

Winning and achieving success is always an amazing feeling for everyone. And winning IET India Scholarship 2013 has given me the same amazing feeling, adding on to one of the best achievements in life. It has also boosted my confidence for future challenges. I will always be thankful to the IET for this great opportunity and the platform made available for upcoming engineers like me. About my future plans, I would say, I will now walk along with the IET. I would like to work with this institution as a professional researcher and explore the engineering field at its power. My final aim to be researcher and help future aspirants explore their world.

Suhas Vidhate, IIT – Mumbai, Winner, General Category

I am ecstatic about winning the prize. It was one of the best moments of my student life when I was awarded the Runners up in the general category by the UPSC chairman. Such honours from such great achievers in life give inspiration to young budding engineers like me.

Unnat Jain,IIT – Kanpur, Runner–up, General Category

When they announced my name, I felt nothing less than pure euphoria. This is my greatest achievement till now. The Scholarship would provide me immense economic stability and pride to my parents and friends. Being in the presence of the eminent guests connected to the IET on the Award ceremony evening was breath-taking in itself.

Empowered by my free membership to the IET (thanks to this event!), I plan to grab each opportunity in my career as an Electrical Engineer. I plan to go for higher studies abroad after accumulating some good years of job experience in my curriculum vitae. I dream to become a world-class technologist and strive to make Renewable Energy harvesting more cost effective and efficient.

Ankana Dhar, NIT – Durgapur, Runner–up,
Women’s Category

The platform that the IET has provided is remarkable, I can’t thank them enough for making this moment happen. I will further develop this application and utilise the insights provided by the learned judges at the national round. I met some amazing people who have greatly inspired me. The volunteers of the IET, whom I met at Delhi, were truly great.

Siddha Ganju, NIT – Hamirpur, Winner, Women’s Category


Unnat Jain, IIT Kanpur (General Category)

Ankana Dhar, NIT Durgapur (Women’s Category)

It was indeed a very well organised and equally well presented event of the IET. What was highly impressive was the involvement of young engineers and demonstration of their energy levels. Once again I am proud to be associated with such an exciting and invigorating event.

A K Dutta, Director (Infrastructure), DFCCIL

It was a pleasure to attend the IET India Scholarship Award Function. It was even more significant to learn of the process of evaluation and selection of the winners. The Panel of Judges and the committee working towards the scholarship very impressive and comprehensive. The event itself was very well planned and especially the sand story-telling and Esha Bhalla’s anchoring, made the evening more appealing. The winners selected were of course worthy of deserving the title as was proclaimed.

Madhuri Rao, Faculty Co-ordinator, ITER SOA University

It was a pleasure to be a part of the event. The event was well organised and had a good sequence of flow. As for the brand value, I think such event would spark an enthusiasm in the young generation to come forward and participate.

Anubhav Gupta, Volunteer, IET Delhi LN

The event was awesome. It was extremely well organised. The event had the jazz and invited guests were fabulous. Thank you for inviting me. I wish lot of success to this annual event in coming years.

Rudramuni B, Executive Director and Head, Dell India R&D

The event was excellently organised. It will give a big boost to the popularity of IET in India. I wish it great success.

Kanjlia V K, Secretary, CBIP & Guest of Honour
IET India Scholarship Award

It was my pleasure to attend the function. It was a very well organised event. Hats off to the organising committee of the IET. Full marks to the IET!

Kapil Khanna, Vice Chairman, IET Bangalore Local Network

Very well organised event and the selection process was very rigorous. I feel, well-deserving candidates have been selected as winners. This would attract many students for the next year and help in building the IET brand in India. Thank you very much for your hospitality and everything.

Dr. Yerram Ravinder , Head and Professor, PICT, Pune


The South Asia Community Volunteer Conference 2013 (SA CVC 2013) brought together nearly100 IET volunteers from the South Asia region.

The theme for the Community Volunteer Conference 2012 was ‘Inspire | Engage | Grow’. In a member-driven and volunteer-led organisation like the IET, this theme can never outgrow its purpose. Recognising this, the 2013 CVC event aimed to strengthen the theme, while adding ‘Impact’ as an additional goal. The agenda was carefully designed to ensure high involvement and participation by the delegates.

The conference was held at Goldi Sands Beach Resort, in Negombo, Sri Lanka.

The IET Sri Lanka Local Network put together a cultural evening with traditional dance forms of Sri Lanka to welcome the volunteers to the South Asia Community Volunteer Conference. Rohan Seneviratne Committee Member, IET Sri Lanka Local Network, welcomed the delegates of SA CVC 2013 to Sri Lanka.

Day 1 of the conference was dedicated to IET key messages, updates on IET Communities, membership benefits and best practices adopted by various Local Networks.

Nigel Ward and Prakash Nayak, Chair and Co-chair, 2013 (SA CVC) welcomed the delegates to the two-day conference.

Mr Patali Champika Ranawake, Honourable Minister of Science and Technology, Sri Lanka delivered the keynote address.

The Great IET Volunteers’ Challenge – a robot programming competition was organised for the volunteers. The competing teams had to programme a robot and enable it to perform the given task without errors.

Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India and Prakash Nayak, Co-chair, SA CVC 2013 presented ‘IET - Back to the Future’ - a presentation that highlighted the IET’s achievements and growth figures in the last year; future plans and roadmap for the next few years.


The IET Chairman’s Speech by each of the Chairmen of the IET Local Networks showcased the achievements and milestones of each LN for 2013. The winning presentation was chosen by the audience through an electronic voting mechanism.

Rajesh Patwardhan (IET Mumbai LN) and Rukmal Jayasinghe (IET Sri Lanka LN) presented an overview of IET Membership Benefits through their presentation – The IET Value.

Tim Hamer, Director of Knowledge Management, IET talked about new knowledge products on the anvil and how the new offerings would strengthen the IET’s stature of being the source of Essential Engineering Intelligence.

Best practices followed by various Local Networks were presented at the IET Share Session.

Ramesh L, Chairman, IET Chennai YPS took the audience through the IET governance elections process. Ramesh urged the volunteers to actively participate in the upcoming elections and governance and learn and leverage from the exposure and opportunities that they provided.

The second IET Share session featured the entrepreneurial success stories of IET volunteers – Dammika Nanayakkara, IET Sri Lanka LN and Satish M, IET Bangalore LN. Dammika shared the journey of LTL Holdings – from a start-up, to now the largest and internationally recognised engineering company in Sri Lanka with a net worth of approximately to Rs. 2,500 million. Satish shared the experiences and the struggles of a young engineer in his journey to set up his own venture – Design Esthetics and how he and his team grew it into a successful business.

IET volunteers shared their vision for the IET in ‘I Have a Dream. Their dreams were presented through creative formats including a skit, a pantomime act and a power point presentation.


Emily Hopkins, External Relations Manager, IET Connect and Ian Johnson, Case Worker, IET Connect, shared the benefits of IET Connect – Benevolent Fund.

After indulging in various sports activities like beach
volley ball, cricket and table tennis, competing teams raced against each other to trace clues and win the IET Treasure Hunt.

A panel discussion on Resources Vs Outcomes saw a robust exchange of ideas and suggestions covering member benefits and gaps, improving member access to knowledge resources and new product ideas. Pravin Patil, R N Rajpoot, Rajesh Patwardhan, Vishnu Vardhan, Dr Madhuri Joshi, D N Ramachandran and Rukmal Jayasinghe participated in the panel discussion.

Best Practice by IET Local Networks

Winner – IET Delhi LN

Runner-up – IET Chennai LN

And the award goes to…

I have a Dream

Team IET Nirman

Ridhima Pathak

Dr Marseline Beno

Tista Banerjee

Kaustav Sakhare

Abhishek More

Balamurugan Jaganathan

IET Ambassador

Dr D R Pullaperuma, Chairman,
IET Sri Lanka LN for notable
contributions in taking forward the
IET agenda

The Great IET Volunteers’ Challenge

Subramaniam Devarajan

Velanganny Cyril Raj

Damal Nageswara Ramachandran

Aman Rajput

Ajay Kulshreshth

Harshana Ranmuthugala

Manbir Kaur

Prof. Indra Dayawansa

Ravi Rupasinghe

IET Chairman’s Speech

Winner - Sri Lanka LN

Runner-up - IET Delhi LN

And the winners are…

IET Pride Champ
Sivapragash, IET Chennai LN for the best student chapter coordinator

IET Pride Process Star
IET Chennai and Delhi LN for excellent process compliance

IET Pride Exemplary Student Chapter
IET KCG Student Chapter for maintaining high level of student chapter activities.

IET Pride Dynamic Young Professional
Rajesh Patwardhan, Joint Secretary, IET Mumbai LN



IET India hosted its first ever IET Advantage Job Fair 2013 on September 21 and 22 at KCG College of Technology, Chennai. The two day event was open to IET Members (students, fresh graduates and young professionals with 1- 6 years’ experience) from across India. The Job Fair also had an internship section for employers to hire candidates for short stints with their organisation.

The IET Advantage Job Fair has been a landmark initiative by the IET. With uncertainty in the job market and limited skilled workforce supply, the IET realised the need to provide a two-way platform to prospective employees and employers to meet each other. This initiative was underlined with a clear focus to help ensure that only highly competent and skilled candidates meet the employers.

In the true spirit of being a not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to lead the engineering community, the IET Advantage Job Fair did not charge either the employer or the candidate to participate in the Job Fair.

The focus was to select and deliver high caliber and industry ready candidates to the employers. For this, the IET implementeda rigorous three-level filtering process to ensure that the employers could meet the right talent.

The three-level filtering process included:

  • Level 1: A basic online eligibility filter
  • Level 2: An industry leading aptitude test
  • Level 3: A technical evaluation round to test the candidates’ knowledge in their respective engineering streams

IET Advantage Job Fair 2013

Job opportunities for

  • - Final year engineering students studying in the year 2013
  • - Fresh engineering graduates of 2013
  • - Young engineering professionals with 1- 6 years of experience

Internship opportunities for 3rd year engineering students of 2013

Vacancies across all prominent engineering disciplines

Participating companies


Design Esthetics

Element 14 India Pvt. Ltd.

Hensel Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

Intel Serve IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

PEnA Power Engineering and Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Qruize Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SakRobotix Industrial Technologies

Siam Computing

Surprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Techtronics India Ltd.

The Sollarillion Initiative

Highlights of the IET Advantage Job Fair

1,160 engineering students registered for the Job Fair

978 students cleared level 1 (basic eligibility)

382 students cleared level 2 (Aptitude test)

212 students cleared level 3 (Technical Talent Test)

139 students were selected by employers for final rounds

I will cut right to the chase - you guys did a superb job, both for the employers and the employees. Everything about the event was perfect, from the ideology, to the pre-screening to the on ground support and execution. Kudos! It was a very interesting experience for us at Siam Computing, sharing the hopes and aspirations of our company and also counseling the candidates on what their priorities should and shouldn’t be.
Khuzema Siam, Chief Operations Officer, Siam Computing

Thanks for providing us the opportunity to participate in IET Advantage Job Fair 2013. I would also like to thank the IETteam, it was well organised and we meet many students and some of them are Element14 community members too.
Prathima Siddagangaiah, HR Business Partner - India, Element 14 India Pvt. Ltd.

The arrangement made by IET team was good and your members were very much helpful during the event.
V Arun, Business Solutions Strategist, Qruize Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

This has been excellent move a true demonstration the IET’s concern for students.
Prakash Nayak, Director at PEnA Power Engineering and Automation Pvt.Ltd.

Design Esthetics felt privileged to be part of the IET Advantage Job Fair 2013. The dynamics at the event were great andthe IET team deserves a round of applause for making the event a success!
Rajasekhar, UI/UX Developer, Design Esthetics

The Regional Finals of South Asia Present Around the Word 2013 (PATW) concluded in Mumbai on September 28, 2013. Winner - Kennevor D G K, 2nd year Computer Science Engineering student from Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai Runner up - Jaydeep Deshpande, 4th year Mechanical Engineering student of PVG’s College of Engineering, Pune Kennevor will represent South Asia at the Global Finals to be held in London in November.

Congratulations and all the very best!


The IET Lord Austin Lecture 2013 will be held on October 25, 2013 at New Delhi. Carolyn Griffiths, Chief Inspector, Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) will speak on the topic ‘Learning through Accident Investigation in the UK’.

Shri Kul Bhushan, Member Electrical, Railway Board and Ex-Officio Secretary to Government of India will be the Chief Guest at the Event.

The IET Delhi Local Network will present Outstanding Engineer of the Year Award for invaluable contributions to the field of engineering to:

Shri B P Rao
Chairman & Managing Director, BHEL

Shri R K Upadhyay
Chairman & Managing Director, BSNL

Full details in the next issue.

Sir Robin Saxby

Ex Founding CEO and Chairman ARM
Holdings plc

The IET Pinkerton Lecture 2013 will be held on December 5, 2013 at
Convention Centre, Infosys Limited, Bangalore. Sir Robin Saxby will
deliver the lecture – ‘Creating a Global Powerhouse’.

For more details and to register, please visit www.theiet.in

Full details in the next issue.


IET Chennai LN announces SEISCON 2013

Date: December 12-14, 2013

Venue: K.C.G College of Technology

Contact: S Cloudin, Associate Professor, K C G College of Technology – Ph: +91 9444214339 or visit: http://seiscon.ietypschennai.org

Michael Faraday IET India Summit 2013

IET Kolkata LN announces Second Michael Faraday IET India Summit

Date: November 17, 2013

Last date for submission of manuscripts: July 15, 2013

Contact: mail2mfiis@gmail.com

For more details on IET Kolkata LN events,
please visit www.ietkolkata.org