The first South Asia Community Volunteer Conference (CVC) was held in Bangalore on August 4 and 5, 2012 and was attended by over one hundred IET volunteers from India and Sri Lanka. The event was hosted at the tranquil locations of the exotic Confident Amoon Resort and Spa, located on the outskirts of Bangalore city.

Aptly themed 'Inspire, Engage and Grow', the South Asia CVC served as a platform to acknowledge volunteer efforts and empower them with new support tools and resources to enable them to grow and deliver activities within their region. It was also an excellent opportunity for the IET India office to share important updates with the volunteer community in key areas like strategy, new products, key messages, business plans and knowledge resources.


It was a great honour to be invited to chair the IET's first ever South Asia Community Volunteer Conference, and to travel to Bangalore to meet with so many enthusiastic IET members.

Being my first trip to the South Asia region, I was captivated and inspired by the people I met and the places I visited. The chance to talk with so many of you each day, gave me an insight into the huge potential and opportunities for engineers and technologists in the region, and how a membership organisation like the IET can give you a real advantage in your life and career. Bangalore and India were exciting and inspiring; full of colour, energy and potential.

I was inspired by the volunteers I met throughout the conference. Your enthusiasm, drive, leadership and your desire to do good work for the IET were hugely apparent to me. The South Asia Region is strategically important and it is through your volunteer leadership, supported by the IET, that we are able to make an impact. Your work in developing communities is vital, as it will deliver output for our current members, attract more members to the IET and secure the next generation of volunteers!

Such a conference would not have been possible without the dedication and leadership of the organising committee.

From Mr Prakash Nayak

From Dr Colin Arthur

Prakash, Shekhar and their team, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the event so professional and prestigious.

The conference was full of surprises; not least the number of participants who had joined us over the web! Thank you for your hard work. It was a great example of what can be achieved with staff and volunteers working as one team.

The theme of the two days was "Inspire, engage and grow". I hope that through the support mechanisms and tools presented at the conference, the sharing of ideas and energy between volunteer communities and the enthusiasm of the others around you, you will feel inspired and engaged and will be able to grow your IET community!

I hope you enjoyed your time in Bangalore and I look forward to hearing of further great achievements in the South Asia region.

Colin Arthur
Chairman, South Asia Community Volunteer Conference.

I was inspired by the volunteers I met throughout the conference. Your enthusiasm, drive, leadership and your desire to do good work for the IET, were hugely apparent to me.

The South Asia CVC event was a big success and is a demonstration of what we can do with collective wisdom. Planning every detail of the event was a mammoth task and there were challenges at every stage, starting with the decision to host it in Bangalore. Many times, volunteers suffer from the 'fear of failure syndrome' and the result is we are more comfortable to be a 'participant' in events organised by others. I saw this self-doubt when I agreed to lead the CVC team. The key to overcome fear of failure is to be engaged and to dive deep into the smallest of details.

As the event came closer, we overcame the challenges through engagement and detailing. I salute every member of the organising committee and all the volunteers for your excellent efforts. The result was there to see in the overwhelming appreciation and acknowledgement from all quarters of the participating volunteering committee and our visiting IET staff from the UK. The success of the CVC event was a result of being engaged; of going into micro details of every aspect like logistics, hospitality technology and good planning that included having a Plan B for items that could not go as per Plan A.

The most important take-away for me was that the volunteers did not slot themselves into boundaries of Local Networks, geographies or age. The feeling of belongingness with the larger IET family was very strong. All were proud of belonging to the IET. The participation and networking was fantastic. I have personally not seen this kind of audience. I personally made a lot of friends and am sure many of you would have as well.

Let us pledge to support and encourage the younger generation so that they inherit a robust platform to take forward the vision of the IET. I am sure volunteers like you and the proactive support of the IET office staff can do bigger things and address new challenges.

Thank you once again and I wish you all the very best in your endeavours.

Prakash Nayak
Vice Chair, South Asia Community Volunteer Conference

The key to overcome fear of failure is to be engaged and to dive deep into the smallest of details.


IET updates; sharing volunteer experiences; celebrating volunteer achievement

Day one of the conference was dedicated to bringing volunteers to page with the IET activities, sharing volunteer experiences and celebrating volunteer achievements.

Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head, IET India, shared the South Asia Key Messages with the audience. He took the volunteers through the South Asia plans for the upcoming year, new product launches and reiterated that a strong volunteer base is vital to realise the goals for the region.

Subramaniam Devarajan, Chairman, Young Professional Section - Bangalore shared the IET strategy for the 21st Century and Tushar Chaudhary, Business Development Manager, IET India introduced the IET Advantage to the audience.

M R Sitharaman and Prakash Nayak, Chair and Vice Chair of the South Asia Communities Committee, shared the Communities Vision and Engagement Goals with the audience, along with the initiatives of the SACC on internship programmes, membership and professional registration growth.

Richard Hollis, Head of Commercial and Business Development, IET UK, through his presentation – ‘Knowledge Treasure House’, gave the audience a snapshot of what was available as knowledge resources for the IET members.

The day also served as a platform for the IET India Marketing team to give the volunteers a sneak preview of the IET India website that is slated to be launched this year.

After a long day of the conference proceedings, the evening was devoted to some lighter moments and laughter sessions by Arun Bharadwaj, inspirational speaker. He also urged the audience to devote time to doing things that made them happy and to do what they loved best.

Mike Harding, IET Finance Directorate shared Business Plans and Finances with the audience and took them through the performance indicators.

Ian Johnson, Case Worker, IET Connect introduced the volunteers to IET Connect - Benevolent Fund and the services they could avail when faced with difficult situations in life.

Ravi Pagar, Chair of the India Development Panel, gave an overview of IET India, its offerings and member benefits, in his presentation titled
– ‘Why IET’?






MyCommunity walk-through; Communities Brand Guidelines; hands-on sessions for marketing and events tool kits

Day two of the conference was dedicated to equip the volunteers with tools and resources to better plan and deliver their activities. Fiona Dew and Chitra Robinson conducted a detailed walk-through of MyCommunity, IET’s new online professional networking and collaboration platform. Azra Fathima, introduced the group to the Communities Brand Guidelines and Anitha Kaveri and Suman Ramurthy conducted hands-on sessions to demonstrate the marketing and events toolkits.

Madhusudhana Raju, Treasurer - Young Professionals Section, Chennai Local Network has been elected IET Young Professionals Coordination Team (YPCT) Member for the term 2012 - 2015. Madhu will be attending the IET YPCT Meeting 2012 at Savoy Place, London on October 19, 2012.
Bon Voyage Madhu!

IET Pride Awards – Rewards and Recognition
It was celebration time when the
IET Pride Rewards and Recognition Awards were announced for volunteers in various categories.

And the winners are...

Pride Champ -
Kalyan Sagar (Chennai Local Network) bagged the Pride Champ award for the best student chapter coordinator.

Pride Process Star -
The IET Kolkata Local Network won the Pride Process Star award for best process compliance.

Pride Recruiter -
Ajay Kulshreshth (Bangalore Local Network) and Joy Desai (Mumbai Local Network) shared the Pride Recruiter award for inducting maximum number of regular members to the IET.


The South Asia CVC received excellent feedback from the participants for its mix of content, speakers, ambience and overall experience.

The event was a great success due to very good team work! Congratulations to all for the success. I would also add that good leadership and coordination was also one of the important reasons for the success of the event.

Kapil Khanna, Bangalore Local Network

Thank you very much for leading this and it was indeed a very well managed event. Thanks to the entire IET Staff and volunteers as well.

Ravi Pagar, Chair, India Development Panel

Lectures on one or two technical topics could have been organised during the event.

Dr. Rajarshi Gupta, Chairman, IET YPS Kolkata

Congratulations, everyone! I missed the event but very happy to hear that it was a grand success.

Ravikanth Changanti, Bangalore Local Network

Well arranged presentations, well selected speakers and good hospitality.

Dr. M. Marsaline Beno, Chennai Local Network

IET India is awesome.

Pagadala Sree Harsha, Student Member, Chennai Local Network

There should have been some overview type of presentation, outlining previous year's activities with photographs and conclusions.

Pravin A. Patil, Secretary, Mumbai Local Network

The event needs to include some awareness on on-going activities such as awareness on YPRC and how it is relevant to volunteers.

Suresh Dhamaratna, Chairman, IET YPS Sri Lanka

The venue was good; facilities at the event were good; food was good.

Rajesh Patwardhan, Mumbai Local Network

They Rock! (on the administration and facilities of the event)

Hariharan Ramalingam, Bangalore Local Network

My heartiest congratulations!

This event made our Bangalore Local Network volunteers to meet more often and work closely to make this event a grand success. Everyone who I met there had a word of appreciation as a memorable experience in all aspects.

I have understood from this conference that there is lot of potential and opportunity for Bangalore Local Network to transform itself as a benchmark network among all others. Let's make it happen!

Three cheers to the organising team.

Lokesh V, Joint Secretary, Bangalore Local Network