Dear Member,

We were overwhelmed with the highly positive and enthusiastic feedback for the inaugural issue of Member Matters. Indeed, the best reward is from the readers, our members. One of the key reasons for the success of the inaugural issue has been the efforts of our contributors who ensured a steady inflow of articles and updates. Thank you all and of course to our members who have organised, supported and coordinated the Local Network events and activities that helped us to produce another rich and full issue of Member Matters.

‘Word Matters’ contest proved to be highly popular with our readers. Ajantha Muthukutti was selected as the lucky winner. Congratulations Ajantha! ‘Word Matters’ will continue to be featured in every issue of Member Matters. So go ahead and try your luck.

In addition to the winning mix of content, our readers were especially pleased with the layout and graphic elements of Member Matters. We are happy because it reinforces that the IET Brand Guidelines is not all about black and white. Black and white is the key theme of the IET Brand and it helps to keep our brand distinct while effectively representing a 21st century professional institution. The black and white theme is also supported by an exciting palette of secondary colours that can be used to make the communication relevant. We were given an opportunity to conduct a Brand Guidelines Workshop in Chennai during the Faculty Advisors’ Meet in July.The participants found the workshop highly useful and participated actively in the discussions, asking questions and clarifying doubts. Everyone agreed that Brand Guidelines helped to strengthen the connection between the brand and its audience and promised to ensure its consistent application. We have planned similar workshops in other cities. Look forward to meeting you soon then.

Thank you and Happy Reading.

Azra and Anitha



Dear Colleagues,

The sweltering summer months of May, June and July seem to have had little effect on our Local Networks and volunteers who planned and conducted activities with the usual energy and vigour. In this issue of Member Matters, there is coverage of a number of events and activities – big and small, but all no less important in what they have set out to achieve. I salute the enthusiastic spirit and commitment of our member and volunteer community.

I would like to highlight two key brainstorming meetings that took place in April and June.The South Asia Communities Committee (SACC) met in April this year and made important recommendations for member growth and agreed that there should be a measurement criterion for the performance of each Local Network for member growth. I would love hear your ideas and suggestions on how the IET can grow its member community in India.

The second meeting took place in June when the Scholarship Advisory Committee set up by IET India met to brainstorm the details of IET India Scholarship. It was an honour to be in a room full of giants from the Indian academic industry, sharing their deep knowledge, insights and recommendations on the mechanisms of setting up the Scholarship award. I take this opportunity to thank the Committee members for devoting their time and for their invaluable guidance.

On the collaboration front, we signed an MOU in May with India Semiconductor Association (ISA) which will allow the two organisations to work together on joint projects, events, conferences, forums, publications, standards, educational materials and awards. The very first joint event that we rolled out was the IET-ISA CXO Conclave to discuss the power requirements and expectations of the Indian industry. It was a very well attended event and members of the IET and ISA can look forward to more such joint activities in the future.

As I write this piece, the organising committees of the three South Asia events namely the Community Volunteers Conference (CVC), PATW and Young Professionals Regional Conference (YPRC), are getting busy with the final preparations of the three prestigious events to be held in Bangalore in the first week of August. Read all about it in this issue of Member Matters.

Finally, I am happy to share that IET India will have its own website. Our vision is to make it a strong interaction and engagement platform for IET India members while also serving as a key communication and information-sharing portal.

Best regards,
Shekhar Sanyal


IET 360°, a techno-cultural fest was organised by the IET Chennai Local Network at Dr. M. G. R. Educational and Research Institute University, Chennai, in association with the IET. The event started with a two-day comprehensive workshop for engineering students on robotics, with a hands-on training with SakRobotix, an emerging venture in the field of educational robotics, embedded systems and industrial automation. SakRobotix works towards developing interest among students in the realm of technology expertise and trains them in cutting edge technologies like robotics. The two-day workshop gave the participants an in-depth idea about assembling, programming and testing of robots. The workshop was attended by nearly 140 participants.

This was followed by a one-day innovation workshop by Pavan Soni (Innovation Evangelist, Doctoral Studies, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore). It included an idea generation session, in which students formed groups of ten and presented ten business ideas before the audience. After a detailed analysis, all the groups were asked to build a prototype of their ideas, which was again examined by the jury.

IET 360° is also well-known for putting up a rich cultural extravaganza as part of the event. Classical dance performances, contemporary dances, a fashion show, technical fests and a rock band performance by Junkyard Groove made the event highly interesting and reiterated the fact that engineering talent in India is multifaceted. 



A team of IET Student members from the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) won the prestigious Texas Instrument Analog Design contest. The winning team was awarded a sum of $10,000.

The enthusiastic engineering students’ team consisting of Yogesh Palkar, Pranav Naik, Sanket Naik and Rahul Kulkarni had to battle it out with 500 teams before they could celebrate victory. These IET student members presented a project on PC-Based Storage Oscilloscope, under the guidance of Professor M A Joshi (College of Engineering Pune), a Fellow of the IET (FIET).

The Texas Instruments India Analog Design Contest was introduced in 2009 to promote system-level design and innovation among students of Indian universities. Since its inception, the contest has attracted a large number of student teams across India.



IET Kolkata Local Network organised a technical lecture on ‘Process Automation – Challenges and Developments in 21st Century’ on April 28, 2012. Amalendu Kumar (GM Projects, Barauni Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.) India and Sudip Sen (Country Manager, Process Automation Division, Pepper & Fuchs India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore) delivered the lectures and shared their experience and insights on process automation.

The technical lecture was followed by a panel discussion which aimed at understanding the status quo of the Indian process industry and process automation.

Major challenges faced by the process automation sector and developments required to achieve pace were also discussed. The panel agreed that a robust collaboration between the academia and industry can go a long way in contributing to the progress of process automation in India.

The panel discussion was chaired by Professor Samarjit Sengupta (Chairman, IET Kolkata Local Network). Dr. K. K. Bandopadhyay delivered the vote of thanks.



Office bearers of the IET and chairs of IET India Local Networks met in Kolkata in the last week of April to discuss member growth.

Rajshri Gupta (Secretary, Kolkata Local Network) kicked off the discussion, which was followed by suggestions and recommendations by Hemant Kumar Aiyer, Joy Desai, Akila Jayakumar, Rajeev Gupta and Surajeet.The discussion addressed a number of topics including the need for internal and external marketing, greater corporate focus, counsellors for student members and the creation of an expert pool. The members also agreed that there should be a measurement criterion for the performance of each Local Network towards member growth.

Shekhar Sanyal (Country Head, IET India) fielded questions from the group and added his perspective to the group recommendations. He also shared the IET India plans with the group and strongly recommended the formation of an IET India ‘expert pool’ to provide collaborative consultancy to corporate partners and thereby strengthen the value of partnership with the IET.


IET Bangalore Local Network organised its first technology leadership talk in Mysore on June 1, 2012. Dr. Gopichand Katragadda (Managing Director, GE India Technology Centre) delivered the talk ‘Innovation and challenges in emerging technologies’.

Dr. Katragadda stressed on the importance of shifting from a knowledge driven economy to an innovation driven one in the current business scenario. He took the audience through a mesmerising innovation timeline from Edison to Steve Jobs and their passion for innovation that was underlined with an urge to excel. As a leader who has been at the forefront of technology and innovation, Dr. Katragadda was able to

share deep knowledge and insights from his first-hand experience in technical excellence and innovation best practices. By the end of the session, the inspired audience had got rare glimpses of what went into creating breakthrough innovations.

More than fifty professionals from the industry, academia and start-ups attended the technology leadership talk which was first in the series of innovation focussed events envisioned by the IET to equip its members with innovation capabilities at their workplace.



The second meeting of the South Asia Communities Committee (SACC) took place at the IET India Bangalore office in June. The key focus areas of the meeting were membership growth and budget discussions for the year 2013. The first leg of the discussion focussed on improving membership growth and thus strengthening professional development. The group agreed that successful member retention could only result from stronger member engagement initiatives.

Mr Prakash Nayak proposed the setting up of standard guidelines for Local Network events like technical paper presentations, symposiums etc., so that consistent quality could be maintained across regions and events. The committee also agreed on forming guidelines to encourage Local Networks to plan and host events. Another key outcome of the meet was to appoint a Quality Check Committee (QCC) which would assess event deliverables at key touch points and provide feedback to ensure better member engagement and stronger member retention.

The committee also reviewed the budget submitted by the Local Networks and made general observations and suggestions for implementation.

Members also developed the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for six months and agreed to monitor the spending pattern of each Local Network.

With these new ideas and guidelines the SACC, under the Chairmanship of M. R. Sitharaman, aims for a quality-driven year ahead.


The Young Professionals Section (YPS) of Kolkata Local Network and B. P. Poddar Institute of Management, Kolkata organised a one-day national conference titled ‘Control, Sensor, Transducer and Sensor Technology (CSTS)’ on April 28, 2012. With rising industry demands in the areas of control systems, artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic, sensor technology and signal conditioning circuits, the need for an interdisciplinary approach is being strongly felt by the engineering community. The event was aimed at providing a platform for technical deliberation and exchange of ideas between veterans of these varied disciplines.

Prof. T. K. Goshal, Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University introduced the audience to the nuances of missile technology and spoke at length about the principles of missile operation and execution. Prof. Amitava Chatterjee, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University, shared concepts about image processing and robot navigation. Prof. Abhik Mukherjee, Department of Computer Science & Technology, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, talked about the guiding principles of operating unmanned vehicles and satellite communication. Brain Computer Interface, its use in prosthetics like artificial limbs and its potential to enhance human life was explored by Prof. Amit Konar, Professor, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University. Prof. Mainak Sengupta, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, concluded the discussion with his session on power electronics and drives which are used in design, control and integration of electronic systems with fast dynamics.

CSTS 2012 was attended by over sixty academicians from different walks of science. The level of discussion and interaction at the event reiterated the depth of knowledge and authority that the Indian engineering community wields in cutting edge technology areas.




A faculty advisors’ meet for coordinators of student chapters was organised by IET India in Chennai on July 7, 2012. Coordinators from more than 20 academic institutions attended the meet which served as a platform for IET India and academic institutions to interact and chart out plans for the academic year.

The group was introduced to products and services that were recently launched by the IET including the Graduate Advantage Programme (GAP), Academic Affiliate Programme and Corporate Partnership Programme. The academic community was enthusiastic about two upcoming activities for engineering students - the IET India Scholarship Awards and the IET Job Fair for engineering students. 

A workshop on IET brand guidelines introduced the Local Network stakeholders to the essentials of branding and the need for consistency in brand communication. S. Indulal, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, College of Engineering Trivandrum shared the activities conducted by the student chapter at his college. He also shared ideas for attracting more members. L. Ramesh, Chairman, Young Professionals Section, talked about the success story of the Chennai Local Network, and urged the members to continue to engage with the IET to strengthen their academic career. Drawing from his own experiences, he highlighted the innumerable opportunities that the IET presented to its members to enrich their knowledge and connect with peers and members of the industry at both local and international platforms.

The meet ended on a highly promising note with the faculty coordinators looking to add 1,700 new student members from their respective institutions.


Bangalore is playing host to the prestigious South Asia Community Volunteers Conference (CVC) this year. The event is just round the corner and members of the organising committee are busy adding the final touches to this mega event. Volunteers from South Asia will converge at the exotic Confident Amoon Resort for the two-day conference on August 4 & 5.

In keeping with the conference theme of ‘Inspire, Engage, Grow’, the agenda has been tailored to facilitate exchange of ideas and success stories, while also celebrating the outstanding spirit of the IET volunteering community. The event also sets to empower volunteers by providing insights on the IET’s latest developments and introduce them to new tools and resources to help communities grow and deliver activity within their region.

IET Pride 2012: A Rewards & Recognition programme for IET India volunteers will also be unveiled at the CVC. Here’s a preview of the award categories:

  • Pride Process Star: For the Local Network committee that demonstrates best process compliance.
  • Pride Recruiter: For the volunteer who has enrolled the maximum number of regular members to the IET.
  • Pride Champ: For the Student Chapter Coordinator who has demonstrated enthusiasm and initiative in student member engagement and retention.

We’ll come back with a full update of the event and winners in our next issue. Until then, shall we say – ‘Here’s to the spirit of volunteering’?



IET student member’s paper selected for International Conference

IET student member, Vinod S (3rd year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student) is a proud young man. And he has reason to be. Vinod’s research paper titled “Obstacles Incentivise Human Learning – A Network Theoretic Study” has been accepted for publication and presentation at the prestigious International Conference on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (ASONAM). The conference is an interdisciplinary event that brings together practitioners and researchers from a variety of fields to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas and practices. The conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey in August 2012.

Vinod has co-authored the paper with Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar (Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai), Dr. Pandurangan (Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai), Amitash Ramesh (Dayandanda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore) and Soumya Ramesh (Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore).

The paper attempts to understand how humans navigate themselves while facing a network and in which the ‘landmark’ nodes are blocked. This was done using a network puzzle called Wordmorph. (E.g. consider the navigation in traffic from Point A to Point C when Point B is blocked, B being a landmark node). During the study, the group introduced blockages in the network and found an incremental improvement in the performance of humans while navigating through them. The work observes that humans learn to cope, despite continued introduction of blockages in the Wordmorph network.The study hypothesises that humans learn only the bare essentials to navigate the network unless blockages are introduced. These blockages force humans to explore newer ways of navigating and countering the challenge. A parallel is then drawn to human problem solving and postulates that obstacles are catalysts for humans to innovate newer techniques to solve a restricted variant of a familiar problem.

Congratulations Vinod!



It was a brilliant working Saturday on the 16th day of June, 2012, when virtually the Who’s Who of the Indian Academia came together as IET India’s Advisory Committee to brainstorm and build a framework for the IET India Scholarship Awards 2012. Professors and Vice Chancellors of universities like Jadavpur University, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B), University of Calcutta, Amity University and MGR University, all took time out of their busy schedules to provide the necessary guidance and inputs. The meeting took place at the IET India office in Bangalore.

The committee broke some of the set stereotypes on various aspects of the scholarship criteria with their thought-provoking recommendations. Key areas including criteria for eligibility, number of awards, General and Woman Engineer award categories, appointment of jury and distribution of the scholarship amount were discussed and debated at length.

The IET India Scholarship Advisory Committee Members:

  • Dr. A. Chakrabari, Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University, West Bengal and Chair of the Committee
  • „„
  • Dr. P. Aravindan , Vice Chancellor, MGR University, Chennai

    Dr. (Mrs.) Balvinder Shukla, Acting Vice Chancellor, Amity University, UP

  • „„
  • Dr. H. P. Khincha, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore „„

    Dr. S. S. Murthy, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

  • „„
  • Dr. Samarjit Sengupta, Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta
  • „„
  • Prof. Sadagopan, Director, International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and India Semiconductor Association (ISA) hosted a CXO Conclave on May 4,

2012 at the Leela Palace, Bangalore. The objective of the Conclave was to discuss
"Expectations of large energy
consumers from the technology
industry” through a panel discussion.
The discussion was moderated by
Alok K. Brara (CEO, India
Infrastructure Publishing). Panellists
comprised of industry experts J.D.N.
Sharma (Ex-CEO & Board of
Director, Easun Reyrolle),
Prakash Nayak (Director,
PEnA Power Engineering and Automation Pvt Ltd, & Chairman Power Panel, IET India) and Narang N. Kishor (Mentor & Principal Design Architect, NarnixTechnolabs). The expert panel steered a highly insightful discussion that touched upon key points including - the absence of standard metrics to measure power pollution; bridging the knowledge and efficiency gap in order to lead renewable solar

and wind energy; exploring new ways of generating, saving and storing energy; the importance of captive power and energy conservation for large energy consumers their energy requirements.

A key measure of the success of the event was not just the sizeable presence of the audience that was more than eighty in number, but also the knowledge that it demonstrated with respect to the issues and dynamics of the power/energy industry. Members of the audience fielded intelligent questions to the panellists in

areas of Protocol and Management, FIT Schemes, Power Equipment and Maintenance and DC Grids.

The evening ended with a networking dinner and provided a rich opportunity for the IET Chief Executive, Nigel Fine to interact and exchange ideas with senior members of the industry.


IET India signed a Memorandum of Understanding with India Semiconductor Association (ISA), the premier trade body representing the Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) industry on May 4, 2012.

Through this partnership the IET seeks to strengthen industry ties, encourage the exchange of knowledge and promote understanding and cooperation among IET members and the members of ISA.

The IET and ISA will jointly organise membership promotion activities to increase awareness of the member benefits and activities of the other institution. ISA and the IET will also work together on joint projects, events, conferences, forums, publications, standards, educational materials and awards.

Speaking at the occasion, Nigel Fine, Chief Executive of the IET said “India is a key part of our growth plans and this collaboration with ISA further strengthens our growing international network of partnerships. I am delighted that this new partnership with ISA will help Indian engineers develop their sector expertise, widen their professional community and access world class engineering intelligence
via the IET.”

PVG Menon, President of ISA said “We are delighted to enter into an agreement with the IET to offer content and skill development programmes to our members. We believe this is crucial to realising our vision to make India a preferred global destination for ESDM and to achieve the goal of building a US $400 Billion ESDM sector in India by 2020. Our engineers and professionals will benefit enormously from tapping into the IET’s rich content and expertise base and we hope to proliferate international best practices in Indian industry through such alliances ” .


Despite their busy work schedules, family commitments and hobbies, some people still make the time to contribute to their community and society at large by volunteering in areas of their interest. The satisfaction of having contributed in some way – big or small – is a feeling that cannot be measured. Areas related to children, senior citizens, music, science and engineering, mathematics clubs, disaster management and relief, animal care and environment are just some of the areas that people devote their time for volunteering.

The IET offers its members a broad range of volunteering opportunities and there are activities to suit all levels of skill and experience. Not only do you get satisfaction and enjoyment, but it also enhances your professional and personal development while providing benefit to your larger group, community and society. Our volunteer members also help to run successful communities. Here are some of the IET activities that you can volunteer for:

  • „„ Helping to organise meetings and events for your Local Network or chosen Technical and Professional Network
  • „„
  • Submitting research papers to the IET journals
  • „„
  • Helping to author new publications
  • „„
  • Reviewing papers in your area of expertise
  • „„
  • Speaking at a Local Network meeting
  • „„
  • Taking on the role of a Professional Review Interviewer
  • „„
  • Getting involving with applications for professional registration
  • „„
  • Becoming an IET mentor
  • „„
  • Assisting in assessments for awarding qualifications
  • „„ Promoting IET activities in schools, colleges, universities and in places of employment



A workshop to befriend yourself!

‘Break your Barriers’ - A self-improvement workshop for IET student members was organised at Vickram College of Engineering, to empower them to achieve their goals and transcend the barriers that hold them back.

Prof. Clement Fernando, Head of the Department of Science and Humanities, Saveetha University, Chennai, took the students through an interesting session on managing the mind effectively and to equip them to face challenges in life. While advising the students on ways to master their mind, Prof. Fernando elaborated on the need to demonstrate a good temperament, develop a positive attitude towards problems and maintain high self-esteem even during the most testing of times.

He urged the students to do self-introspection and discover their innate interests and talents that would set them apart from others. This self-discovery would also enable them to know more about themselves and find their best friend within themselves.

The students participated in several activities that helped them to aim for perfection and excellence; accept that failures are an integral part of life and that perseverance was key during failures. Over 100 student members of the IET participated in the workshop and took the first step towards breaking the barriers and befriending themselves.


In a bid to strengthen its industry ties, Vickram College of Engineering (VICKRAMCE), acquired an institutional membership to the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC ).

This new association gives the faculty and students of VICKRAMCE access to key players of the Indian construction industry, thereby giving them better and more practical insights into civil engineering. It also gives them the opportunity to link to the policy makers in the realm of building and construction while also opening up more job opportunities in core engineering for students of VICKRAMCE.

CIDC - a joint venture between the Planning Commission, Government of India and the Indian Construction Industry, aims for the development of the Indian construction industry. The Council provides the impetus and the organisational infrastructure to raise the levels of quality across the construction industry. It acts as an advisory body to the government on policy.

Vickram College of Engineering is IET’s Academic Affiliate.



Sheela Reddy:

Sheela Reddy is the newest member to join the IET India family. As Member Relations Executive (Volunteer Support Unit), Sheela will help to promote volunteer roles, with particular focus on recruiting and coordinating training for International Professional Registration Advisors (IPRA) and Professional Review Interviewers (PRI). Sheela has an MBA in HR & Marketing and an MA in English Literature. She joins us from People Care Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., where she worked as Centre Exams Manager, responsible for the marketing and delivery of Computers and English for Speakers of Other Languages (CESOL) exams. She has also worked with the British Council and Malladi Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Sheela is an avid reader of fiction and loves watching cricket in her spare time.

Prabha Rao:

Prabha Rao joined us as Office Manager. She has a Bachelors of Law (LLB) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (PGDPM & IR). She joined us from Toyota Tsusho India Pvt. Ltd., where she worked as All India Admin Manager. Prabha has over 14 years of experience and has worked previously with ABB Robotics & Nokia. Prabha sees herself as a go-getter, driven towards achieving goals and believes that “A new beginning is always an important step in any endeavour.”



IET India will conduct a Job Fair 2012 that will be exclusively open for IET student members and corporate
partners. The Job Fair will help engineering and technology companies to meet and interact with over 1,000
potential employees, while providing the IET student members with opportunities for corporate internships,
placements and exchange of career information.

The event will be held in Chennai in August. For more details, please write to Suman Ramurthy at


The stage is set once again for the Present Around the World (PATW) competition when young engineers will return to compete for the top honours at the South Asia Regional Finals on August 2, 2012. The winner will take home a prize money of INR 32,000 and also represent South Asia at the PATW global finals in London.

PATW is open to IET members and non-members alike. Participants give a 10-minute presentation on an engineering topic. The emphasis is on presentation skills, enabling competitors at varying levels of their studies or career to participate on an equal footing. Be there at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore to cheer for the participants.


Bangalore PATW Winner announced

Bangalore has found the young engineer who will represent the region at the South Asia regional finals of Present Around the World (PATW) to be held on August 2, 2012 in Bangalore!

Anubhav Gupta (4th Year Electrical & Electronics Engineering student of Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering) won the PATW Bangalore title for his presentation on “Preparation & Characterisation of Organic Solar Cells” and will go on to participate in the South Asia regional finals. Shree Gowri (MBA student of SDMIMD, Mysore) whose presentation covered “Web 3.0 and Semantic Web” was named the runner-up.

PATW Bangalore was a confluence of young engineers and their ideas to build a better world through engineering and technology. Twenty two young engineers (both students and young professionals) presented on the theme “Future Technologies for Emerging Markets” in the two-day battle for the coveted title held on 18th and 19th of May 2012.

The participants were judged on their presentation skills and technical content.

The panel of judges comprised of Dr. Sudhakar Reddy, Senior Scientist and Centre of Excellence Leader, GE (General Electric) India Technology Centre, Dr. M. Ravishankar, Head, Department of Information Science, Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering and Dr. Hemant Kumar Aiyer, Senior Scientist.

Present around the World (PATW), is an annual presentation contest conducted by the IET for students and young professionals between the age group of 18 to 26 years. The main focus of the competition is on students, graduates or young engineers who are tested for their capabilities in presentation skills, engineering projects and ideas. The international final, held in London every year, brings together winners from across 36 countries to compete in the finals held at Savoy Place in London, England for a cash prize of £1,000 (approx. INR 80,000).





South Asia PATW, Bangalore

South Asia Young Professionals Regional Conference, Bangalore

South Asia Community Volunteer Conference, Bangalore


Power to the People – Energy Lecture, September 22, Chennai

IET India Job Fair, Chennai


Wheatstone Lecture- IET India Job Fair, Chennai Communicating Person to Person through the Power of Thought Alone, October 12, Chennai

Lord Austin Lecture

Data Centre Seminar


The Pinkerton Lecture 2012, Bangalore

Smart Grid Conference



Dear Members,

'Word Matters' is simple and fun to do. One lucky winner will win exciting prizes from the IET!


Fill in the correct answers

Arrange the circled letters in the space provided.

A message will reveal! Send the final message to us at
along with your name and contact number.

1. IET Energy Lecture Series - ------------------- to the People

2. Where was the Technology Leadership Talk by Dr. Gopichand Katragadda held?

3. The IET recently entered into an MoU with a premier trade body. Name it.

4. Vickram College of Engineering has secured the institutional membership of which organisation?

5.What does the letter ‘V’ in the acronym CVC stand for?

6.Arrange the circled letters and unveil the hidden message!

* Terms & Conditions Apply

I have received a bunch of hardcopies of ‘India- Member Matters’. Thank you for sending it. From the looks of it, I felt you have retained the ‘IET’ quality. Hope it gains more and more popularity in coming days. All the best!

Pravin Patil
Secretary - IET Mumbai Local Network

Thank you for sharing the first issue of ‘Member Matters’ - It really mattered a lot to me.

Heartiest congratulations to Team IET-India.

I recently had the opportunity of reading IET’s “Member Matters” cover to cover. There was a ‘wow’ factor in it, well-written, structured and contained a perfect dose of information. In fact, I have already benefited getting linked outside my network through your newsletter. I have also specifically liked the ‘Word Matters” - which urged me to start writing.

I look forward to reading your next informative work. Keep up the good work.

Lokesh V.
Joint Secretary - IET
Bangalore Local Network

I have read your last newsletter and found it thrilling. Great job guys! Keep it up. May be you could help us here on ways to motivate our members to attend our local events.

Sameer Khodabocus
Chairman – IET Mauritius Network

This is brilliant effort to keep every member informed about the happenings and events of IET. This is truly the most colourful, vibrant, lucid and engaging newsletter I have ever come across till now. The quality of content and presentation is highly different from the newsletters of sister institutions with clear cut and detailed information of the local events organised.

I can deduce that care has been taken to provide information about the smallest of the happening like shifting of office to 4th floor of the same building but credible is the manner in which it has been expressed.

Word Matters is another fine example of creativity. Overall it gets a “Superlike” from me. Congratulations to all those who worked hard behind the curtains to make it a reality and I wish Member Matters greater height and success in future.

Er. Sparsh Bali, MIET
IET Delhi Local Network

I appreciate the efforts taken by the IET team to bring out the quarterly newsletter- Member Matters.

It will also be a motivating factor for the Student Chapters as their activities are widely spread across through this newsletter. At the same time I want to point out one omission. In page number 4, there was an article about IET Project Challenge 2012 which was conducted by KCG College of Technology in association with Chennai Local Network. But the college name is omitted in that article. I hope this kind of mistakes shall be avoided in the forthcoming newsletters.

S. Cloudin
Faculty Advisor - IET KCTECH
KCG College of Technology, Chennai