Dear Member,

We are happy to bring you the fourth and final edition of Member Matters for the year 2012.

Looking back, the year has been productive and exciting for the marketing and communications team. We enjoyed bringing you the quarterly editions of Member Matters. Creating the South Asia CVC logo in India was a matter of pride for us. We were delighted by the enthusiastic response and solidarity expressed during the Brand Workshops. We hope to take forward the initiatives of this year successfully into 2013. A key project will be the launch of the IET India website. Our vision is to make the website a hub for our members and partners in India and South Asia through engaging content. Please await an announcement soon about the web Go Live.

An important goal for us this year was to leverage Public Relations as a credible tool to increase awareness and establish the IET as an expert voice in the areas of engineering education and renewable energy. We are happy to share with you that the IET has achieved an excellent Share of Voice in 2012 for relevant topics, across media channels including print and online. Read the highlights of our media coverage in this issue.

Brand standardisation continued to remain in focus with two more Brand Workshops that were conducted in Kolkata and Delhi. A useful outcome of these workshops has been the appointment of the IET Brand Custodians for Local Networks. We now have L Ramesh, Surajit Chattopadhyay and Vishu Gupta as the Brand Custodians for Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi LNs respectively. Thank you Local Networks, for your support and understanding. We are sure that the IET Local Network Brand Custodians will help to cement our efforts in maintaining the Brand Guidelines.

We have an exciting line-up of key communication properties and activities for 2013. The launch of the India website; a strong presence on the social media and a brand perception audit are the top priorities. Of course, we will continue to bring you Member Matters every quarter.

Thank you and Happy Reading.
Azra and Anitha

       If you want to change the world, you are not going to do it as a businessman, or a politician or a sportsman. You can change the world by being a scientist or an engineer. Prof. Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK


Dear Colleagues,
We are at end of the year 2012 and it is time to reflect on the events of the past year and look to our collective priorities and focus areas in 2013. 2012 was an eventful year for the IET owing to a number of significant milestones and activities. The South Asia Community Volunteer Conference (CVC) and PATW in August were definitely the highlights of the year and re-affirmed our belief that our members are committed to fulfilling the IET vision.

All four IET Prestige Lectures – The Energy Lecture, The Wheatstone Lecture, The Lord Austin Lecture and The Pinkerton Lecture brought together members and non-members from the corporate and academic world under a single roof. Our Local Networks and student volunteers supported us very strongly in making each of these events a big success.

The year also saw a number of initiatives from our Local Networks. TechDais Lecture Series from the Mumbai Local Network; the Technology Leadership Talk and Data Centre Design and Audit Seminar by the Bangalore Local Network; the National Seminar on Advancements in Biomedical Signal Processing by Kolkata Local Network; the Outstanding Engineer Award instituted by the Delhi Local Network and the IET 360°, a techno-cultural fest by the IET Chennai Local Network are fine examples of activities that truly take forward the IET mission to build a global knowledge network.

Congratulations are also in order to the 47 IET India members who gained their CEng, IEng and EngTech professional qualifications this year. It is a significant milestone that demonstrates your competence and commitment to professional standards.

You will also be happy to know that the IET India staff and heads of departments met in November to brainstorm and put in place the strategy and plans for 2013. A strong member engagement plan has been the focal point of our discussions. To help us here, I request all the IET Local Networks, volunteers and members to help us in updating member contact details. Without accurate contact details, members will miss out on a number of new initiatives, offerings and key announcements by the IET. To update your contact details, please see the box in this page.

2013 will be a very important year for us. We will be focused on membership growth; member engagement; strengthening professional development for members; strengthening our sector panels and initiatives; delivering increased value for our members and increased brand awareness for the IET.

I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you, without exception, for your individual and collective efforts and the commitment that you have rendered to our Institution.

To update your contact details,
go to MyIET on or
Call us at: +91 80 4089 2222.
Email us at:

A Happy New Year to you all and I wish you and your families a wonderful 2013.

Best regards,
Shekhar Sanyal

The IET Mumbai Local Network (LN) conducted a two-day road show in Nashik, Maharashtra in the first week of October with the help and support of Dr B E Kushare, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering at K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research, Nashik.

Rajesh Patwardhan, Public Relations, IET Mumbai LN and Tushar Chaudhury, Business Development Manager, IET India, visited various academic institutions in Nashik. The team visited Matoshri College of Engineering, Gokhale Education Society College of Engineering, Sir Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology, Sandip Foundation and K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research.

The team also visited TDK EPCOS Ltd., and the Crompton Greaves R&D Centre. At TDK EPCOS (an electronics component manufacturer) Rajesh and Tushar shared the mission and activities of the IET India

Power Panel. At Crompton Greaves R&D centre, the visiting IET team presented an overview of internationally recognised professional qualifications and their benefits.

The Nashik tour yielded a two-way benefit. It helped to increase awareness for the IET among the academia and corporate organisations, while also presenting an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the expectations of potential partners in their association with professional bodies like the IET.

Cover Page Image: Speakers and delegates at the IET Prestige Lectures 2012.


The IET Chennai Local Network and the Student Chapter of KCG College of Technology, Chennai, jointly organised the IET Young Mind Challenge in August this year. The event was supported by the Innovation Cell (i-cell) of the college, whose aim is to provide a platform for students to put forward their innovative ideas in engineering domains.

The objective of the competition was to enable students to be better equipped to implement their creative ideas and encourage innovation. Various stages of the competition were designed to arm students with cutting edge knowledge and prepare them for the professional world.

The theme of the event was Green Technology - which is the development and application of products, equipment and systems used to conserve natural environment and resources. These technologies minimise the negative impact of human activities on the environment.

Ten teams were shortlisted on the basis of their innovative ideas for the final presentation. An expert committee reviewed the projects and five projects were selected for funding. The IET Young Mind Challenge has proven to be an excellent platform for facilitating the transformation of engineering ideas into real products.

IET Kolkata Local Network organised a one-day National Seminar on 'Advancements in Biomedical Signal Processing' in collaboration with Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta on September 22, 2012 at Meghnad Saha Auditorium, University of Calcutta, Kolkata.

The objective of the seminar was to highlight the recent developments in different signal processing techniques for biomedical signals. The focus of the seminar was on the converging field of biomedical signal processing and its recent advances. With the help of biomedical signal processing techniques combining with state of the art technology, sophisticated systems can be produced that can improve the treatment facilities available to the patient and can extend the capabilities of the disabled persons such as life support systems and health monitoring systems. The seminar tried to present the new research scenario and several aspects of the crossroads.

It started with the introduction speech by Dr. R.Gupta, Organising Secretary of the seminar, followed by welcome address by Prof. S. Sengupta, Chairman, IET Kolkata LN. The context of the seminar was presented by Dr. M. Mitra, Head, Dept. of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta. The inaugural speech was delivered by Prof. Abhijit Chakrabarti, Vice Chairman, West Bengal Council of Higher Education. The speakers of the seminar were the leading researchers and academicians in India in the relevant fields. Prof. Vinod Kumar, Electrical Engineering Dept., IIT Roorkee delivered the keynote lecture on ‘The Science of Heart Rate Variability’. He also enlightened the audience about the future research scopes in the said field. Dr. J. Mukhopadhyay, Head, Dept. of Computer Sc., IIT Kharagpur gave an insight to Telemedicine for Public Health. Dr S. Dandapath, Professor of Electronics & Electrical Engineering Dept., IIT Guwahati, spoke about his recent research topic on ‘An Information Theoretic Approach to Compression of MECG Signals’. The seminar concluded with a very informative lecture on the classification rules for bio-signals delivered by Dr C.A. Murty, Professor, Machine Intelligence Unit, ISI Kolkata. The technical sessions were chaired by M.K. Chakravorty and A.N. Chaudhuri, senior fellow members of the IET Kolkata LN. Around 162 participants attended the seminar, with representations from seven engineering colleges in and around Kolkata. The seminar was an ideal interactive session for researchers and academic community engaged in broad area of Biomedical Engineering.

The IET announces the formation of the South Asia (SA) Built Environment Panel. Built Environment refers to man-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity. This can range from personal shelter and buildings to neighbourhoods and cities and their supporting infrastructure, such as water supply and energy networks.
The IET SA Built Environment Panel will be headed by Joy Desai and will provide a platform to share best practices and innovation for a sustainable future through publicising the products, services and professional networking opportunities to the science, engineering and technology (SET) communities.

The members of the SA Built Environment Panel are:

  • Chidambar Joshi (IET Mumbai LN)
  • Joy Desai (IET Mumbai LN)
  • Hemant Kumar Aiyer (IET Mumbai LN)
  • Mousami Munot (IET Pune LN)
  • Madhusudhana Raju (IET Chennai LN)
  • Suresh Dharmaratna (IET Sri Lanka LN)
  • Ramesh Negi (IET Delhi LN)
  • Venkatesa Perumal (IET Bangalore LN)
  • A N Chaudhuri (IET Kolkata LN)
  • Abhishek More (IET Mumbai LN)
  • Durga Jalan (IET Mumbai LN)
  • Chetan Hadge (IET Mumbai LN)

Watch this space for updates on the IET Built Environment Sector.


The Young Professionals Section (YPS), IET Chennai Local Network has recently added six new Student Chapters taking the total number of IET Student Chapters in India to 53.

The new Student Chapters are located at:

  • Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology,           Narsapur, Andhra Pradesh
  • Shree Motilal Kanhaiyalal Fomra Institute of           Technology (SMKFIT), Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • University College of Engineering, Nagercoil,
              Tamil Nadu
  • St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai,
              Tamil Nadu
  • Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology,
              Chennai , Tamil Nadu
  • Jayamatha Engineering College, Kanyakumari,
              Tamil Nadu

We welcome the new student engineers to the
IET Professional Home for Life.

The IET Mumbai Local Network (LN) has announced the IET TechDais Lecture Series. The introductory lecture was delivered by C V Joshi
(IET Mumbai Local Network) at the Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE), Mumbai. Nearly 70 electrical and mechanical engineering students attended the lecture titled ‘Multi-disciplinary engineering environment and career options’.

C V Joshi outlined the technological changes that have impacted various industries and opportunities that exist for engineers in the technical and technology fronts. Using Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs to illustrate his point, he explained how professionals are influenced by their levels of motivation. As an example, he talked about the number of opportunities available for motivated and driven engineers in the field of design engineering. This field of engineering is all about creative solutions and requires engineers to have a multi-disciplinary outlook, with an aspiration to make a difference in the overall project delivery.

C V Joshi also shared how professional bodies like the IET help students and professionals in their quest for rewarding careers through Professional Registrations, events, lectures and volunteering opportunities.

Rajesh Patwardhan (Public Relations, IET Mumbai LN) shared the benefits that could be availed by IET student members and also talked about the IET Advantage Programme that has a series of three membership packages – the IET Graduate Advantage, Career Advantage and Professional Advantage, to provide guidance to the members as they move from being graduates to young professionals.

Freddy Dinshaw (Chairman, IET Mumbai LN) delivered the vote of thanks.


With the addition of a new IET Local Network at Pune, IET India now has six Local Networks in India.
Below are the contact details of the IET Local Network Office Bearers of Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.

Name Designation Email
Dr A T Kalghatgi Chairman
Kapil Khanna Vice Chairman
Hariharan Ramalingam Treasurer
Subbu Devarajan YP Chair
Lokesh Secretary
Ved Prakash YP Secretary

Name Designation Email
N Venkatesan Chairman
Capt. P L Rishi Vice Chairman
M C Chauhan Vice Chairman
R N Rajpoot Secretary
V K Gupta Treasurer
Vishu Gupta YP Chair
Aman Rajpoot YP Secretary

Name Designation Email
Freddy Dinshaw Chairman
Dr B E Kushare Vice Chairman
Pravin Patil Secretary
Rajesh Patwardhan Joint Secretary
Pushkar Deshpande Treasurer deshpandep@BV.COM
Vikrant Sankhe YP Chair
Ranjeet Vaishnav YP Vice Chair
Chetan Chaudhari YP Joint Secretary
Abhishek More YP Treasurer

Name Designation Email
G Pandian Chairman
C Pughazhendhi Sugumaran Secretary
J Vijayaraghavan Organising Committee Secretary
S Cloudin Treasurer
L Ramesh YP Chair


Name Designation Email
Dr Madhuri Joshi Chairman
Mousami Munot Treasurer
Dr Shilpa Metkar Secretary

Name Designation Email
Samarjit Sengupta Chairman
Dr Rajarshi Gupta Secretary
Dr Surajit Chattopadhyay YP Chair

The IET Delhi Local Network honoured Mr Kul Bhushan, Member Electrical and Ex – Officio Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Railways and Mr Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman and Managing Director, NTPC Limited, with the IET Outstanding Engineer Award for their invaluable contributions to the field of engineering. The award was presented by Dr. Mike Short, Immediate Past President of the IET, on the occasion of the IET Lord Austin Lecture 2012. The lecture was delivered by Lord Tony Berkeley, Chairman, Rail Freight Group and Board Member, European Rail Freight Association.

Dr Mike Short said “I am delighted to honour both these eminent personalities. Their involvement in the field of science, engineering and technology is immense and will have a positive impact on the world tomorrow.”

N Venkatesan (Chairman, IET Delhi LN), R N Rajpoot (Secretary, IET Delhi LN), V K Gupta (Treasurer, IET Delhi LN), senior members of the staff of IET UK and India were present at the event.


Two prominent engineering institutions of South India - Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute University and KCG College of Technology have gained the status as IET India’s Academic Affiliates.

Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute University, Chennai, strives to be a centre of excellence for quality education and research in the fields of Engineering Technology, Medicine, Dentistry and Science and Humanities. Through concerted efforts, Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute University provides an environment to its students to pursue academic excellence.

A C S Arun Kumar, President, believes that this association ties in well with the mission of the University which is to mould students into job creators than mere job seekers. He says, “We are happy to be affiliated to IET India and consider it a recognition of high academic performance in engineering education. This association will strengthen our industry tie-ups and placement opportunities.”

KCG College of Technology (KC Tech), Chennai, an ISO 9001:2000 believes in providing an environment that is conducive to its students to make them well-rounded professionals, sensitive to the needs of the community.

“KCG College of Technology strived to attain the Academic Affiliate of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK, as it is one of the world’s leading and renowned professional societies. The IET facilitates regional networking and professional events which is an ideal platform for exchange of ideas and newer learnings. Prestige Lectures and conferences initiated by the IET provide access to essential knowledge resources and offer excellent viewpoints about research opportunities to both staff and students. We look forward to strengthening this association with the IET and thereby engaging better with the engineering and technology community”, says Annie Jacob, Director, KCG College of Technology.

The IET Academic Affiliate helps colleges and universities in India to raise their profile and earn a reputation for giving students and staff unrivalled access to essential knowledge and links to key industry stakeholders globally.

Dr Mike Short, Immediate Past President of the IET and Vice President of Public Affairs, Telefonica, Europe, visited the Amity University, Noida campus to deliver his talk ‘Internet for All’. The talk was part of the Amity-IET Knowledge Sharing Series and explored the ever increasing utility of Internet and Internet enabled technologies.

With the number of mobile phones on the planet expected to hit 50 billion in 2020, Dr Short dwelled on the two great innovation platforms of the last 20 years: Internet and mobile phones. The combination of the two will drive digital innovation everywhere as these technologies become ever more pervasive and useful to all people. Dr Short also explored the shared benefits of innovation, connectivity, Internet access and new applications associated with people’s education, transport and health needs. He illustrated with various examples, the pivotal role that the Internet is slated to play in enhancing human lives.

The Amity-IET Knowledge Sharing Series was attended by nearly 200 engineering students from Amity School of Engineering and Technology. Senior members of the staff at Amity University and IET India office attended the event which was held on October 30, 2012.


Professional Review Interviews (PRIs) for the year 2012 were conducted from June 16 – July 01 for 54 CEng / IEng candidates in India in two cities – Bangalore and Mumbai. The interviews took place at the offices of WS Atkins in Bangalore and Black & Veatch in Mumbai.

Karen Fox, Registration Team Manager and Louise Parfrey, Registration & Standards Support Manager, IET UK coordinated the interviews with the support of Professional Review Interviewers.

The IET congratulates the newly registered Chartered Engineers (CEng), Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Engineering Technicians (EngTech) and wishes them the best in their career endeavours.

Below is the list of engineers who got professionally registered in 2012.


Name Organisation IET Local
Chetankumar Chaudhari Black & Veatch Mumbai
Durga Jalan Black & Veatch Mumbai
Ganesh Karekar Black & Veatch Mumbai
Ganesh Kute Black & Veatch Mumbai
Satej Magar Black & Veatch Mumbai
Nisarg Mehta Black & Veatch Mumbai
Abhishek More Black & Veatch Mumbai
Sunil Naik Black & Veatch Mumbai
Name Organisation IET Local
Vaibhav Narkar Black & Veatch Mumbai
Vaibhav Dharaskar Black & Veatch Mumbai
Mamta Parag Lad Black & Veatch Mumbai
Prithviraj Kunjal Black & Veatch Mumbai
Praveen Haadige Black & Veatch Mumbai
Naveena Anand Atkins Bangalore
Akhilamba Somalara Venkatesh Atkins Bangalore
Anjaneyulu Chikka Atkins Bangalore

IET Members approved as Chartered Engineers (CEng)

Name Organisation IET Local
Seyyad Aslam Mott MacDonald Mumbai
Ashish Bhan Atkins Bangalore
Kedar Gajanan Bhuskute Black & Veatch Mumbai
Umesh Biradar Black & Veatch Mumbai
Swapan Kumar Chaki Atkins Bangalore
Sabyasachi Chandra Black & Veatch Mumbai
Jacob Daniel Atkins Bangalore
Ravikanth Divi Black & Veatch Mumbai
Hardik Ghunchala Black & Veatch Mumbai
Sohini Puranik Black & Veatch Mumbai
Gayatri Ramachandran Black & Veatch Mumbai
Mukul Vadjikar Black & Veatch Mumbai
Sundararajan Varadharajan Atkins Bangalore
Sumathi Thanasekaran Foster Wheeler Chennai
Anil Yadav RITES Bangalore
Name Organisation IET Local
Sudhakar Joshi Black & Veatch Mumbai
Reshma Krishnamurthy Atkins Bangalore
Nilesh Naik Hawkins Cookers Mumbai
Thomas Xavier Nalpathamkalam Black & Veatch Mumbai
Veeraraghavan Narayanaswamy Foster Wheeler Chennai
Ravindra Polamraju Atkins Bangalore
S Prasanna Atkins Bangalore
Venkatesa Perumal Ramasamy Atkins Bangalore
Prashant Manohar Pachpor Bechtel International Mumbai
Ajoy Thomas Ferar D Joseph Foster Wheeler Chennai
Kamlesh Guwalani Black & Veatch Mumbai
Wilson Chiramal Foster Wheeler Chennai


Name Organisation IET Local
Dr Hemant Kumar N Aiyer Crompton Greaves Mumbai
Dr Mukul Verma L&T Metro Rail Bangalore


Name Organisation IET Local
Bhupesh Chintak Black & Veatch Mumbai
Abhijit Satam Black & Veatch Mumbai


Name Organisation IET Local
Anand Kirtiwar Black & Veatch Mumbai
M Shyam Black & Veatch Mumbai
Shridhar Waradkar Black & Veatch Mumbai
Name Organisation IET Local
Swapnil Andhare Black & Veatch Mumbai
Jagat Mohini Nayak Black & Veatch Mumbai
Vikas Patil Black & Veatch Mumbai

Duncan Whittle (Professional Registration Advisor) said, “We welcomed the opportunity to support the registration of professional engineers in India and were extremely impressed by the quality and professionalism of the applicants. We observed just how much the Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Incorporated Engineer (IEng) titles are valued by engineers in India and were very pleased to be able to help to train some of the IET’s existing senior members in India to be advisors, assessors and interviewers. We were excellently supported by the staff from the IET’s offices in Bangalore and Stevenage in the UK. We encourage any engineer seeking professional recognition that will be valued on the global engineering stage to apply to the IET for CEng or IEng registration.”

A special note of thanks to volunteers from the UK and India - Tom Ridgman, Ajay Kulshresth, Loganathan Ganapathy, Sreenivasan Vattamattathil, Prabhu Sankar, Suresh Varwandkar, Valentine D’Silva, Ketan Gandhi, Pravin Patil and Kumar Arumugam for facilitating the Professional Review Interviews 2012.

To know more about Professional Registrations and how to apply, please get in touch with Tushar Chaudhary at

Professional registration is an important milestone in the career of an engineer. It establishes their proven knowledge, understanding and competence. Professional registration helps an engineer demonstrate to peers and employers that they have a commitment to professional standards and to developing and enhancing competence.

The IET is licensed by the Engineering Council (EC), UK to assess candidates and award them professional registrations on its behalf.

Professional qualifications awarded by the IET are:

Chartered Engineer (CEng) – Recognises the competence of engineers who develop new or innovative solutions to engineering problems and pioneer new initiatives or fields of engineering.

Incorporated Engineer (IEng) – Recognises the engineers who apply a high level of skill and experience to ensure the effective implementation of new technology and practice to create quality assured products and services.

Engineering Technician (EngTech) – Recognises the competence of technicians in operational engineering roles who use proven techniques to contribute to the manufacturing, commissioning, operation & maintenance of engineering products, equipment and services in defined fields of technology.

ICT Technicians (ICTTech) – Recognises the practitioners involved in supporting and facilitating the use of ICT equipment and applications by other users, who play a role in selection and use of appropriate ICT resources, techniques, configurations, procedures and methods.


IET India’s PR strategy is aiming for quality coverage and the strategy is paying off with a number of articles and reports featuring IET spokespersons and events in targeted and relevant media across print, online and electronic channels.

A concerted effort has been made by the IET India Communications team and the PR agency to position the IET as the “expert go to” source for views and insights in areas of renewable energy and the engineering knowledge - skill gap. As a result, the IET’s views have been sought by leading mainline and trade media in India. Some key reports included views of Prakash Nayak (IET India Power Panel Chair) with respect to Smart Grids (in connection with the massive power outage that gripped India in August) in NDTV Profit, a leading business TV channel in India.

The media also considers the IET as the trusted source to comment on the knowledge – skill gap that plagues the engineering sector.

Excellent coverage received for the IET Prestige Lectures in the last three months, is another step to help position the IET as a source of essential engineering intelligence.

IET India opened its second office in Gurgaon on October 31, 2012. Dr Mike Short, Immediate Past President of the IET inaugurated the new office in the presence of senior IET India volunteers and IET India and UK staff.

The new office will primarily focus on sales activities and supporting nearby partners and members.

The address of Gurgaon office is:
IET Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

C/O Amsoft Business Centre, 1, Unitech Trade Centre, Sector 43,
Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122002, India.
T : +91 9811193334, F : +91 124 404 0002

Dear Members,
Thank you for your continued membership of the IET. You will be happy to know that the IET is gearing up for a large number of positive changes.

One of the key changes is shifting the banking operations to Axis Bank. This will allow you to pay your membership fee at any of the 1,750 branches of Axis Bank spread across the country through a personalised IET pay in slip. We hope this will prove to be a more convenient and effective method of renewing than sending your cheques to the IET office in Bangalore.

Going forward, all payments to the IET need to be made in the name of ‘IET Services (India) Private Limited’, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IET in India. You can make your renewal payments through the following methods:

  1. 1. At any of 1,750 branches of Axis Bank spread across the country.
  2. 2. Through the IET India website (to be launched soon) by     debit/credit card or internet banking.
  3. 3. Cheque/draft to the following address:

    The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
    Unit No. 405 & 406, 4th Floor, West Wing
    Raheja Towers, MG Road, Bangalore – 560 001, India.

For any queries, please call Chitra Robinson or Shilpa Rani at
+91 80 40892222 or email them at

The IET marketing team conducted two Brand Guidelines Workshops this quarter – in Kolkata and New Delhi. The workshops were highly engaging sessions and saw active participation from the IET members and volunteers.

The attendees agreed that Brand Guidelines helped to establish and strengthen the connect between the brand and its stakeholders. They also agreed to adhere to the brand guidelines in an effort to strengthen the IET brand. The volunteers shared their ideas on increasing brand awareness and actions to be taken to prevent brand erosion of the IET.

We, in Delhi, enjoyed your presentation on Brand IET and the need for maintaining the purity of the logo (a point I had overlooked all these years).

- N Venkatesan, Chairman, IET Delhi Local Network

IET Brand Guidelines in a nutshell

  • Logo: The IET logo should be placed on the top left corner with          reasonable space around it.
  • Font: The primary font of IET is Trade Gothic and can be used          in bold, light or italic. Arial, our secondary font, can be used          when you do not have access to Trade Gothic.
  • Colour: Backgrounds should be predominantly white and text          in black. The colours shown in image are part of our secondary          palette and can be used sparingly. Do not show text in colour.
    • Bullet points: Always use square bullet points.
  • Layout: Headings should be left or right aligned. The body text          should be left aligned only.

IET Meter

As on December 11, 2012


Is Photovoltaics the ultimate answer to our energy needs?

In view of its increasing focus on the Energy sector, IET India has added a new lecture to its Prestige Lecture series – The IET Energy Lecture. The first lecture – ‘Solar Energy : Power to the People’, was delivered by Professor Tom Markvart, Professor of Energy Conversion and Director of Solar Energy Laboratory in the School of Engineering Sciences at the University of Southampton in the UK.

In his talk, Prof. Markvart outlined the history and technology of photovoltaics and stressed the importance of photovoltaics as the answer to pressing energy issues in the current environment. He shared with the audience some of the ground-breaking developments in the field along with insights on how photosynthesis can go beyond being a nanochemical factory; how it can mimic a solar cell; and how we can learn from plants to capture and produce solar energy. He also reinforced the fact that India’s power requirements would greatly benefit by embracing solar energy.

The Energy Lecture was held on September 27, 2012 in Chennai and was attended by over 200 people from both industry and academia.

Is brain-to-brain communication through technological innovation truly achievable?

The IET Wheatstone Lecture 2012 was held in Chennai on October 12, 2012. The topic of the lecture was 'Communicating person to person through the power of thought alone' and was delivered by Professor Christopher J James, Professor of Healthcare Technology and Director of the Institute of Digital Healthcare, University of Warwick, UK. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the technologies that are relevant to the measurement, sensors, instrumentation and
Non – Destructive Testing (NDT) Network and also encourage young people to take up engineering by demonstrating the exciting projects that engineers work on.

As part of the lecture, Professor James introduced how Brain – Computer Interfacing (BCI) can be used for capturing brain signals and translating them into commands that allow humans to control (just by thinking) devices such as computers, robots, rehabilitation technology and virtual reality environments. Whilst BCI is no longer a new thing and person-to-person communication via the nervous system has been shown in the past, for the first time, true brain-to-brain interfacing was recently shown. Full implications of this are yet to be understood but there are some scenarios where brain-to-brain communication could be of huge benefit such as intelligence and gaming.

Professor James said, “I am very honoured to be giving this year’s IET Wheatstone Lecture. Sir Charles Wheatstone was a true scientist and inventor, who made important contributions to the measurement of the velocity of electricity and light, amongst others. Through my work, in the measurement of brain activity, we hope to push the boundaries of research into extracting information from the working brain and indeed, how we might go about inputting information into it.”

The IET Wheatstone Lecture aims to honour the life and work of Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802 - 1875), whose contributions to science and engineering included work on the Cooke-Wheatstone Telegraph and the Wheatstone Bridge.


Can India learn from Europe’s plan for a single rail network?

The IET hosted the Lord Austin Lecture 2012 in New Delhi on October 29, 2012. The lecture was delivered by Lord Anthony Berkeley, Chairman of the Rail Freight Group and witnessed attendance from over 200 delegates including academicians, railway officials, business leaders and engineers.

Entitled 'UK and European Rail Freight – Insights and Lessons for India,' the lecture created a platform to discuss and debate the opportunities and challenges faced by the rail sector in Europe and the UK, thereby sharing valuable lessons for the Indian rail sector. In his talk,
Lord Berkeley spoke about the UK railway and freight structure, giving insights on the reforms in the European rail sector as well as the changing role of the European Railway Agency. He also touched upon Europe’s single biggest challenge to develop a single rail network, with fully interoperable operations and strong competition above tracks, so that costs are reduced and more growth was achieved.

Speaking at the occasion, Lord Berkeley said “I am here at the invitation of the IET to share some of the railway knowledge that it is trying to spread around, as part of its focus on the transport sector. We can share our experiences from the UK and Europe and learn about the Indian railways as well, because we are all in the same business together. I hope this will be beneficial to everyone. There are many differences between European and Indian railways but many similarities as well. We made some mistakes and perhaps had some successes and an exchange of learnings and knowledge will help everyone.”

The event provided a unique platform for delegates and senior executives of the Indian Railways to share experience and exchange ideas with Lord Tony Berkeley and other visiting delegates from the UK.

The Lord Austin Lecture is held annually in honour of Lord Austin. Lord Austin was the President of the Institution of Production Engineers from 1931 to 1933, when he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship.

Will the world be taken over by Cyborgs?

The IET hosted its annual Pinkerton Lecture in Bangalore on November 23, 2012. The lecture, ‘Connecting computers with the human brain’ was delivered by Prof. Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, UK. Prof. Warwick is popularly known as the world’s first Cyborg (A human being who has certain physiological processes aided or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices).

Prof. Warwick spoke about the various ways in which the human brain can be connected to technology and computers to perform multiple tasks for medical and research purposes. He touched upon the concept of a ‘Cyborg’ and the possibility of growing brains in a robot body, and shared with the audience, his vision of communicating, purely by linking the human brain to technology.

Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head, IET India said, “India has a rich talent pool of scientists and engineers and lectures such as these help to unveil the future of science and ignite greater interest in research related careers for students and young professionals.”

Speaking at the occasion, Prof. Kevin Warwick said, “I am honoured to be in India to deliver the IET Pinkerton Lecture instituted by the IET. The IET is an integral part of my achievements and has supported me tremendously throughout my career.
I am excited to see the interest that Indian students have in science. Through my presentation here, I hope to excite the future generation about brain to brain communication using technology.”

The IET Pinkerton Lecture is hosted at Infosys Convention Centre, Bangalore every year in commemoration and honour of John Pinkerton, the pivotal engineer who was involved with designing the UK’s first business computer in 1951.


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    student chapters?

4. Name the Prestige Lecture titled “Communicating
    person to person through the power of thought alone”
    that was held in Chennai.

5. The IET _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Lecture focusing
    on the transport sector was held in New Delhi in October.

6. IET India has opened its second office at _ _ _ _ _ _.

7. The IET Mumbai LN organised a road show at _ _ _ _ _.

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