Dear Member,

When we sat down to plan the communication activities for IET India for the year 2012, our top priority was to re-introduce the IET India member newsletter. It was unanimously agreed that a quarterly newsletter would be a great channel to facilitate a robust information flow between the IET and its communities.

After much deliberation, we decided to call the newsletter 'Member Matters' because it smartly conveys two messages – that members matter to the IET and that the newsletter is all about member matters! The dots in the masthead design represent the IET member communities, coming together to share their knowledge and expertise. At the core of the communities are our members and volunteers. They are visually represented in 'Member Matters' through the letters 'M', joining hands to support and deliver the activities of the IET members and communities.

Our next big challenge was to collate content for the newsletter. This however turned out to be easier than we thought. The innumerable activities initiated by our Local Networks and the achievements of our members gave way to a 16-page newsletter from what was originally planned to be eight pages.We hope we have been able to capture all the member activities and achievements as vividly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and invite you to help us keep this channel active and meaningful through regular contributions and feedback.

Thank you and Happy Reading!

Azra and Anitha

Note: All articles and feedback for 'Member Matters' can be emailed to

A world community can exist only with world communication, which
means something more than extensive short-wave facilities scattered;
about the globe. It means common understanding, a common tradition,
common ideas, and common ideals.
              Robert M. Hutchins


Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to announce the launch of the IET India Member Newsletter – 'Member Matters'. We have planned for four issues, every quarter. As you will see, this issue captures the flavour of the first quarter of 2012. It was an extremely energetic start for the IET.
The members and office
bearers of our Local Networks
have demonstrated initiative
and involvement in various
activities, and the inside
pages of this newsletter are a
vivid representation of this.

IET India remains focussed
about its goals and objectives
and your guidance and involvement will be the key ingredient of its success. Our aim is to demonstrate 'relevance' in everything that we do, to make ourselves useful and relevant to the Indian engineering and technology community and in turn to the society at large. Our key focus sectors in India will be Energy, Transport and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Volunteers and communities are the backbone of this journey. In this, I invite you to join us in establishing vantage platforms that will facilitate the application of essential engineering intelligence that the IET collectively has. The IET offers a variety of volunteering opportunities to suit your interest and specialisation. You can reach out to your nearest IET Local Network to know how you can contribute. Or feel free to write to us at

I hope this first issue will be useful and interesting for you. In addition to highlighting the key activities and achievements of our members and Local Networks, we have also endeavoured to showcase key member benefits. This issue gives you a quick update of two key benefits –
(a) IET Knowledge & Publishing offerings for our members and (b) The IET Benevolent Fund. At the end of this issue you will find the names and contact details of staff members who are responsible for various areas within IET India. Please feel free to contact them directly for any help that you might need in that particular area. Meanwhile we are also in the process of setting up a Member Helpline Number which you can use as a single window to reach IET India.

Before I sign off, I take this opportunity again to thank all our members and partners for your support and involvement. With such an energetic start to the year, we can only imagine how productive and exciting the rest of the year will be.

Between us we have to make the IET the most desirable destination for engineers in this region.

Best Regards
Shekhar Sanyal

Here's great news for the IET community in South Asia. You can now look forward to the South Asia Volunteers Conference Weekend (VCW) event taking place closer to home, in India. This year, in what will a break-away from tradition, the VCW will be held regionally. So the Americas, APAC, EMEA, GBR & Ireland and South Asia will hold their VCW events at the regional level between August and October 2012. This means more volunteers from their respective regions will be able to participate.

The organising committee is putting together the agenda to ensure that the objectives of sharing, knowledge and fun are achieved through a well-crafted event. The conference objectives include:

  • An information update of all that the IET offers to its members including the IET strategy, resources available, member benefits, new tools, best practices and latest developments.
  • Share and exchange ideas and success stories to strengthen the endeavours of the volunteering community.
  • Announce a Rewards & Recognition Programme
  • Build in memorability for the event by weaving in fun activities and focus on networking.

We look forward to seeing you at the South Asia VCW. Don't forget to bring along your ideas and suggestions.

Watch out for more details or write to Mr. Hemant Kumar Aiyer at if you have a question on the VCW.

Cover Page Photo featuring PATW Mumbai Winners: Nikunj Sampat (College of Engineering, Pune) and Runner up: Jaydeep Deshpande (Vidyarthi Griha's College for Engineering and Technology, Pune)


In an attempt to widen its reach amongst budding engineers, the Young
Professionals Section (YPS) – Delhi Local Network conducted a road show in Bhopal
in the 3rd week of February 2012. The road show aimed at creating awareness
about the IET and the benefits of membership among reputed engineering colleges
in Bhopal which is an important education hub in Western India.

The enthusiastic YPS team visited the TIT Group of
Institutions, Oriental Institute of Science and Technology
(OIST), NRI Group of Institutions and Bansal Institute
of Research & Technology (BIRT). The visit helped to
build momentum for the upcoming PATW regional rounds,
create awareness about the benefits of partnering with the
IET and to build a stronger base in Bhopal. It also helped the
Local Network to understand what academic communities
seek in such strategic associations and suggest ideas which
could make our benefit offerings more complete.

Professor Taruna Jain, the flag bearer of the IET in Bhopal
coordinated the road show end to end, helping to make it a big
success. Aviral Patle and Shivani Dube, students of Barkatullah
University served as enthusiastic local guides and energetic
support for the event.

Creativity, social impact and brilliant engineering – they were all there to see at the IET Project Challenge 2012, an event organised by the IET Chennai Local Network, in conjunction with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Dr K Sarukeshi (Vice Chancellor, Hindustan University), Mr. Sridhar (Senior Principal Scientist and Deputy Director, CEERI), Mr. Dorai Thodla (iMorph) and Dr K Vijayaraja (Professor & Head, Dept. of Aeronautical Engineering, Tagore Engineering College) formed the panel of judges. The projects were judged on the basis of their applicability and potential commercial feasibility.

The event showcased some very interesting projects. 'Driver Safety System that Prevents Drunken Driving' is a mechanism that uses MQ3 and stability sensors to cut off the engine if alcohol content is found in the driver. This is the brainchild of three enthusiastic final year Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) students. 'Smart E-Voting' to detect human intrusion after votes have been cast and sealed in a room, 'Navigation Aid Goggles for the Blind' and 'Hypo-vigilance Detection', were some of the other interesting projects from the EEE department.

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department came up with working prototypes of 'Robots that use Voice Recognition Systems' to store up to 20 words of memory. 'Kinetic predomination of power wheel chair' to help quadriplegic patients traverse easily without help was another project with social implication that received appreciation.

Contd. on Pg. 4


Contd. from Pg. 3

The Computer Science Engineering department captured the interest of visitors with a project that can be used to monitor home appliances without human presence. Yet another interesting project demonstrated the 'Introduction of designated pathways for public emergency vehicles' such as ambulances and police vehicles. 'Lane Reservation in Parking Lots' was another interesting and innovative topic.

The Information Technology Engineering Department focused on a slight variant of RADAR which helps to guide ships from danger to safety by picking up and memorizing relevant information about geographical area. The Aeronautical Engineering department unveiled an aerial survey robot capable of flight, which could stay airborne even at a height of 50ft. A device to reduce noise in aircrafts (by as much as 6 decibels) and automation of liquid fuel powered jets were some of the other attractions.

The Mechanical Department showcased models that included a hybrid car, with reduced possibility of brake failure. A hybrid bike, which uses two modes of fuelling, based on the speed of the vehicle attracted a lot of attention. The hybrid bike would be low cost, fuel efficient and low on carbon emission, which would make it a lucrative option for customers. The department also displayed a stair-climbing wheel barrow which would make the vertical transportation of goods highly convenient, while also reducing costs.

The IET Project Challenge was a big success as it gave the engineering students a platform to showcase their creative and technical genius and reiterated the fact that there is indeed a new breed of engineers in the making!

A technical talk tilted 'Navigating towards the Present IT Eternity' by Mr. S Titus Thanga Primus (Senior Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions) was organised on 21st February by the IET Chennai Local Network for IET – KCTECH Student Chapter. The talk by Mr. Titus outlined current trends in the software industry and was focused on 'Smart Phones' and 'Big Data' which are the much talked about domains in the technical world today.

Anubhav Gupta, a final year engineering student at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE), Bangalore and an active IET Student Member has successfully published his first book. The book titled "Testing of Transformers & Induction Machines" aims at providing knowledge to readers in a guided, structured and interactive manner. The layout and design of the book has been done by Anubhav's brother, Abhinav Gupta (also a final year student at DSCE). Abhinav was keen to ensure a high level of engagement with the readers and therefore designed what he calls an interactive layout.

"Testing of Transformers and Induction Machines" opens with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) task for the reader which ensures a high level of engagement and interaction that the author envisioned. The 200-page book is packed with over 140 questions and is equipped with experimental data for different tests.

It took Anubhav over 15 months to compile the book. "Testing of Transformers and Induction Machines" has been published in partnership with Createspace (An company) and is priced at $6.99 on

For more details, please email Anubhav at: or call him at +91 9611636817.


Student Chapters play a vital role in bringing energy and enthusiasm in taking forward the vision of the IET. Student chapters of the IET help to bring together young students and engineering undergraduates in the city to play an active role in enhancing people's lives around the world. The opening of the IET Dayananda Sagar Institutions (IET-DSI) Student Chapter was another endeavour to strengthen this vision. The Student Chapter was inaugurated on March 20, 2012 in Dr. D. Premachandra Sagar Auditorium on the campus.

Dr K Shanmukha Sundar (Head of the Department, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering) delivered the welcome address. Ms Chitra Robinson (Manager, Member Relations, IET India) introduced the IET to the audience. Mr Prakash Nayak (Chairman, the IET Power Engineers Panel) gave the introductory speech and declared the Chapter open. To give their wholehearted support and encouragement to the Student Chapter, the IET Bangalore LN office bearers Mr. Hemant Aiyer (Chairman, Young Professionals Section), Mr. Lokesh (Joint Secretary, Main Committee) and Mr. Rajkumar were also present.

Dr Nethaji S Ganesan (Principal, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering) encouraged the students to actively participate in activities of the Chapter and reap the benefits of this association. Mr Galiswamy (Secretary, Dayananda Sagar Institutions) also motivated the students and congratulated the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering for initiating the association with the IET.

Anubhav Gupta (Chairman, IET-DSI Student Chapter) shared the key features of IET Student Membership and highlighted the benefits that the IET offers to students. Dr M V Shankar (Guest of Honour) made the evening an intellectually stimulating one with his seminar on "Innovation Flow."

The event and was witnessed by over 200 people.

The Young Professionals Section (YPS) of the IET Mumbai Local Network participated in the IET-Karmaveer Expo 2012 - A National Level Working Model, Poster and Slogan Competition. The two-day event was held on 16th and 17th of March, 2012 at the K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, Nasik.

The event was attended by 160 students who displayed more than 20 working models and 30 posters. A panel of judges comprising of experts from the industry and academia reviewed the contestants. The IET YPS volunteers created awareness about IET membership benefits and encouraged staff, students and professionals to associate with the IET.

The event attracted a participation of over 160 students from prominent colleges across the country. The winners were felicitated by the IET YPS and cash prizes worth Rs. 200,000 were presented to the winners.


The Young Professionals Section of the IET Mumbai Local Network organised a technical lecture at the Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC), Mumbai, on the topic of 'Cloud Computing' on March 10, 2012.

The lecture was delivered by Mr Subramhanya Hathwar (Director – Product Management, ICERTIS). The lecture outlined cloud computing concepts, evolution of cloud computing, cloud service deployment models, benefits and concerns associated with the field of science. The lecture also gave an introduction to Windows Azure, Microsoft's open and flexible cloud platform.

The lecture was supported by the Principal, Dr. Thampi and was attended by over 60 students.

The South Asia Communities Committee (SACC) was formed on January 28, 2012 in Bangalore. The enthusiasm was indeed high and the event received active participation from the IET members of Local Networks of India and Sri Lanka.

The SACC meet was a confluence of new ideas and strategies aimed at taking forward the strategic objectives of IET India. One such objective is to solve problems in India through the sourcing and application of essential engineering intelligence. In alignment with this objective, members agreed to take responsibility for the IET focus sectors and outline sector-related and cascade responsibilities to their respective local networks.

Mr. M.R. Sitharaman is the Chairman of the SACC.

Mr Ravi Pagar, Director India of element14 was
nominated as Chair of the India Development
Panel (IDP).

The IDP will act as a development panel to India and will provide advice and support to IET entities in the region. The IDP will promote and facilitate relationships between the IET and the government, industry, academia, the media, and appropriate professional institutions and regulatory bodies within the region.

The Power Engineers Panel was formed in May 2011 to create a platform to bring together the stakeholders of the power industry, government, policy making bodies, scientific and educational institutions to discuss the core issues hindering the power industry in India and explore solutions for them.

Engineering Review, India's leading monthly magazine on engineering and allied industries has carried an article in its January 2012 issue titled –

IET's power panel to improve shortage of skilled engineers in electrical sector.

The magazine analyses technology trends and provides exclusive updates of projects. It has a circulation of over 60,000 copies across India.

The article captures the essence of the Power Engineering Panel and the IET's vision to create a platform to bring together the stakeholders from the power industry, academicians, educational institutions, corporate bodies, scientists, students, government and policy making bodies to work together on relevant areas to make this industry efficient as well as robust. It highlights the IET's increasingly global perspective which is not just about territories, but about cooperation, working together, sharing information and that of a global knowledge network. The article notes the gap that exists between demand and supply of qualified electrical engineers in India and the role that the IET's power panel could play in bridging this knowledge gap. The piece also outlines the action plan of the Power Panel to enhance the knowledge and expertise of students and develop their employability through internships for engineers with power companies. Seminars, workshops and technical conferences would also be held as a part of this initiative.


Amity School of Engineering, Noida is the first Indian University to become the IET's Academic Partner
and also receive the prestigious IET UK Accreditation for its B.Tech programmes.

The IET partnership is a testimony to Amity's commitment to offer its students and faculty unrivalled
access to essential knowledge and links to key industry resources.

"We are delighted and proud to partner with a global professional organisation of the IET's stature. This association is a testimony to our commitment to offer our students and faculty unrivalled access to knowledge and links to industry resources", said Prof Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Universities. "It also reinforces Amity's mission that every student becomes a success story. For us, this partnership demonstrates an excellent alignment with the University's guiding principle to prepare our youth to face modern day challenges of today's world and become useful citizens", Dr. Chauhan added.

"We congratulate Amity for being awarded the IET UK Accreditation, an internationally respected benchmark to recognise quality and relevance and for becoming the first Indian University to become IET's Academic Partner", said Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head, IET India. "As a result of this partnership, students of Amity University,
Noida and Lucknow Campuses

(pursuing B. Tech. - CSE/ECE/MAE/IT/E&T)
will enjoy the advantage of registering
themselves as incorporated engineers. It will
also give them a platform to join a network
of professional engineers and enhance their
career prospects across the globe." Shekhar

Amity is a leading education provider
in India. From a single school setup 15
years back, Amity today has 29 campuses
across India, with more than 4,000 faculty
and 85,000 students studying in various
disciplines from undergraduate to Post-
Doctoral levels. Today, Amity enjoys the
distinction of being the single largest private
education provider in India. Its campuses
are spread across 1,000 acres of land and
5 million sq. ft. of hi-tech buildings. With
internationalization as their goal, Amity has
also set up campuses in London, New
York, Singapore, San Francisco, Dubai,
Romania, Taiwan and Mauritius.

Distinguished academicians of Amity
comprise of leading professionals from the
corporate world, research, and scientists
who have filed over 230 patents, authored
over 250 books and published 3,000
papers. The University has also been
recognised as "Scientific and Industrial
Research Organization" by the Ministry of
Science and Technology, Government of

Amity is focussed on pursuing and
strengthening its relationship with the
industry. As IET's Academic Partner, Amity
will get a boost in this direction.

Amity students and staff will get a link with thought leaders and the who's who of the industry. They can take advantage of a range of Partner benefits including taking part in partner events in India and the UK, enriching technical visits to industry and having leading speakers from the industry speak at their campus.


Considering the fact that expectations were very high, we would term this budget as slightly negative despite a few positive announcements. We do not rule out that these reforms may come about separately going forward. Budget although positive, fails to bring drastic reforms to address more important issues like the State Electricity Boards (SEB), Electricity Tariffs and Domestic coal. In fact, one needs to check whether electricity distribution is in negative service tax list or not. If not, it is very likely that service taxes will be levied on electricity, thus increasing the final consumer tariffs further.

As far as the power sector is concerned, the budget focused on a few micro issues related more to power generation and missed the macro issue on SEB reforms. Overall on power generation and Independent Power Producers (IPP), the budget has addressed a few issues mentioned below which might have a somewhat positive impact.

  • Permitting power companies to tap External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) route to part re-finance rupee debt on power plants and increase the ceiling of the power sector's tax-free bonds to Rupees ten thousand crore (Rupees`Hundred billion) from Rupees five thousand crore (Rupees Fifty Billion) are among the Budget proposals.
  • Producers of thermal power have been under stress because of high prices of coal. This situation has been eased by providing full exemption from basic customs duty and a concessional Countervailing Duty of one per cent to steam coal for a period of two years till March.
  • Full basic duty exemptions would be extended to power plant fuels such as natural gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Uranium concentrate, Sintered Uranium Dioxide in natural and pellet form.
  • Sec 80-IA has been extended by one more year, to March 2013, which is a positive for all Individual Power Producers (IPPs) seeking tax holidays.
  • Solar thermal companies are exempted from customs duty for two years, thus aggressively pushing solar thermal power addition to the grid.
  • Provision for additional depreciation on new assets at 20 per cent in the first year extended for one more year – a positive for all power companies.
  • Customs duty on import of coal mining equipment's reduced from 7.5 per cent to 2.5 per cent - a positive for power producers without Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and is a neutral for power producers with PPAs.
  • These proposals come against the backdrop of severe fuel shortage as well as funding issues hurting the power sector, which is expected to see a capacity addition of over 100,000 MW in the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-17).

CyberMedia Online Ltd, India's leading & first IT portal addressing the information needs of the IT community carried a quote by Prakash Nayak in its Budget Review.

For Chairman of Power Engineering Panel at the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Prakash Nayak, the Budget was not really focused on growth, but mere tinkering. "Unless you address the power distribution side, there would be a shortfall. The Budget is targeted more on the generation part."


               With its mission of, 'Sharing and advancing knowledge throughout the global science, engineering and
technology community to enhance people's lives', the IET plans to widen its footprint in India in such a way that the
professional body can make a constructive contribution towards the society in general and the scientific community in
particular. Budget 2012-13 underlines a strong impetus towards strengthening infrastructure and industrial development in the country. Rupees fifty lakh crore worth of investments has been projected in infrastructure segment during the 12th plan period. With half of this expected from private sector, there is plenty of room for professional inputs from different quarters. IET India can certainly make its presence felt by organising events, consolidating inputs / suggestions, offering customised solutions and partnering with government agencies to ensure that the goals are realised.

Another important announcement made in this year's budget is the 'National Manufacturing Policy'. It seeks 'to raise, within a decade,
the share of manufacturing in GDP to 25 per cent and to create 10 crore jobs.' The Manufacturing sector, being engineering intensive,
effectively implies more opportunities for the engineers, which in turn means more scope for the IET to widen its membership base.
This would require the IET India to be in regular touch with channel partners and the industries. Being regularly seen in the mainstream media
as a responsible organisation is bound to make things easier.

              The increase in excise duty would probably have an impact on the events that the IET holds. Expenses on travel, refreshments and mementos would go up. The IET budget would then have to be enhanced. However, as this is marginal, it probably would not have much impact.

Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) has been made mandatory for any type of sponsorship. This may have an impact on how money is dispersed for various events being conducted. The accountants could elaborate on this point. They also could lay down some guidelines in this respect.

              The Economic Survey, which preceded the Union Budget, outlines the broad direction of economic performance of the country. Good investment schemes were announced for renewable power generation and the IET can participate in achieving it. The Union Budget announced limited investments on higher education and research opportunities.

              The industry doesn't seem very happy with the budgetary policies announced by the finance minister. With the Union Budget 2012, the costs of a lot of commodities have gone up. The long list of goods and services, whose prices have gone up, includes an item which is of equal interest to both domestic consumers and IT companies - the Personal Computer.

Technology implementation is a key theme. The unique identification number project, GST Network, National Knowledge Network, Centralised Processing Units, rural broadband, etc., would provide additional opportunities for the industry to partner with
the government. The emphasis has largely been on bridging the digital divide through the use of IT. This will be a boost
for domestic IT consumption.

The Telecom industry was disappointed by this Union Budget, as the finance minister had clearly ignored the telecom sector, while only providing a piecemeal concession to mobile handset manufacturers.

With the increase in excise duty, the cost of manufacturing is bound to go up. To what extent manufacturers will shift the cost burden to consumers is yet to be seen.


Anitha joined us as Senior Executive Marketing Communications and PR. She has an MBA in Marketing. She joined us from Pantaloon Retail India Ltd. belonging to India's leading retailer, Future Group, where she worked as a Management trainee.
"I am a marketing enthusiast who was looking for a place that would give me opportunity to learn and freedom to experiment. The fact that there is a greater common good at the very core of this organisation in itself makes the job exciting" says Anitha who enjoys reading and travelling in her free time.

Chitra joined us as Manager- Member Relations India. She previously worked with British Columbia Trade and Investment Services as a Business Accelerator Manager. Chitra has already met the Local Networks in Bangalore and Chennai. Chitra says, "The format of the organisation is so unique. IET is not just a workplace. I feel this place is about giving back to the community and making an impact on generations to come." Chitra enjoys watching movies and travelling.

Gloria joined as PA to IET India Country Head. She joined us from Epson India Pvt. Ltd where she served as a Senior Executive – HR & Admin. She also served as the Secretary to Country Head and handled events and conferences. "I love interacting with people and that's exactly what I get to do in my role here", says Gloria. Gloria's hobbies include making bead jewellery, travelling and cooking.

Suman joined us as Events Manager. He joined us from Recruitment Factory, where he worked as a Franchise Development Manager. "I am an event enthusiast. Everything about events excites me. IET gives me the freedom to plan and organise events. It has immense flexibility and learning opportunity. Currently I am researching on what can be planned and I am really excited at the possibilities". Suman likes travelling, dancing, reading & browsing the internet.

So what's the buzz at the India office in Bangalore? The staff is all excited about moving into the newer, bigger and better office space on the 4th floor of the same building. However, they'll miss the fabulous view from their current office at the 11th floor which offers an unobstructed view of the entire city and the impressive skyline of the city's Central Business District.

Please note the IET India new office address:
Unit No. 405 & 406, 4th Floor, West Wing, Raheja Towers,
M.G.Road, Bangalore – 560 001, India.


The IET is a trusted source of essential engineering intelligence as demonstrated by the quality and range of our publications. We publish more than 100 books and eBooks, journals and magazines covering science, engineering and technology every year.
As a member you can enjoy significant discounts on the majority of these.

IET Library and Archives, offers access to a world-class collection of digital and printed resources on all areas of engineering and technology, and a unique collection of archival material promoting and preserving the history of science, engineering and technology.
Member benefits include Library loans, Virtual Library, Research Service, the Archives.

IET Books are available in the traditional printed format or as eBooks, downloadable from the IET Digital Library.
Members save 35% on books published by the IET when purchased directly.

The IET publishes 24 different journals in the fields of Biometrics, Computer Vision, Information Security and Renewable Power Generation. Our journals portfolio also includes the internationally renowned Electronics Letters which is published fortnightly and delivers original research papers at the forefront of electronic engineering and technology
As a member, you're entitled to discounted subscriptions (of up to 20 per cent) to our internationally renowned academic journals.

Engineering and Technology (E&T) magazine is our award-winning, flagship magazine. Recognised for its authoritative, relevant and insightful content, E&T provides news, features, commentary and analysis on every aspect of science, engineering and technology.
E&T magazine is core to your membership package.

The IET Benevolent Fund, today known as IET Connect was established in 1880 and aims to help IET members and families in times of financial hardship as well as other personal difficulties or challenging circumstances.

Beneficiaries range from students and graduates, working engineers, those who have become unemployed due to redundancy or who cannot work due to long-term illness or disability, carers, dependants and retired members.

IET Connect aims to provide a holistic approach, discussing and exploring options to help overcome personal issues or difficulties. It also offers contact through the volunteer Local Representatives and IET Connect staff to discuss needs and can provide advocacy if necessary.

How to contact us:

If you have a particular concern or financial difficulty, please write to and we will get in touch with you for more details.


It's that time of the year again when the presentation fever runs high among young engineers. Present around the World (PATW) - the IET paper presentation competition for young engineers and technologists aged between 18 and 26 has begun its regional rounds. Winners get to present in 2012 Global Finals in London.

PATW provides an informal and supportive environment in which competitors can develop their presentation and networking skills and serves as a means through which young engineers and technologists can share knowledge and information.

The competition is open to IET members and non- members alike. Participants give a 10 minute presentation on an engineering subject. The emphasis is on presentation skills, enabling competitors at varying levels of their studies or career to participate on an equal footing.

The competition takes place throughout the world and starts at the IET 'Local Network' (LN) level. Winners of all the LN heats progress to the next stage(s) of the competition. Winners give the same presentation at each stage of the competition, thereby enhancing their presentation skills and improving their confidence at responding to questions.

The Delhi Local Network of IET hosted the regional final of Present Around the World (PATW) 2012 at IIT Delhi on March 3, 2012. The event attracted students from over 30 reputed engineering colleges of Delhi, NCR, UP, MP, Punjab, Haryana and Uttarakhand. The

presentations spanned an array of topics like Green Computing, Paper Battery, Cloud Computing, E-Bomb, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Ashima Bansal (Samrat Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh) was declared the winner. Abhishek Tiwari and Aishwarya Singh (Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad) were declared runners-up of the event.

The Mumbai Local Network organised the regional final of PATW on February 27, 2012, at MKSSS Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune. With over 70 entries from 12 prominent colleges, the event was a big success. Nikunj Sampat (College of Engineering, Pune) who presented on "Accelerated Construction" was declared winner. Jaydeep Deshpande (Vidyarthi Griha's College for Engineering and Technology, Pune) was runner-up. He presented 'Stealth Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle Dark Knight.'

The City of Joy – Kolkata had an exciting regional round of PATW 2012. The event which received enthusiastic participation from over 150 engineering students was a testimony to the fact that good Indian engineering talent is in abundance! The final round of PATW 2012 Kolkata was held in BP Poddar Institute of Management and Technology.

Md Saddam (2nd year, Automobile Engineering, MCKVIE) walked away with the 'Winners' title, with a brilliant presentation on the topic "Effi Cycle". Tunir Saha (2nd year Electrical Engineering, BPPIMT) whose presentation outlined the working of a cell phone controlled robot was declared

A distinguished panel of judges comprising of Dr Swapan Kumar Goswami (Former Director, Netaji Shubhas Open University), Mr A N Chowdhury (Ex-Chairman IET Kolkata and Mumbai), Mr M Chakraborty (Senior Fellow and Executive Committee Member, IET Kolkata), Prof. S S Thakur (Professor, MCKVIE), Prof. R Mukherjee (Professor, Techno India), Mr Debasish Mitra (Executive Engineer, Bhushan Steel) and Mrs M Gupta (GNIT) evaluated the participants.



Wheatstone Lecture

South Asia PATW

South Asia Young Professionals
Regional Conference

South Asia Volunteers Conference

Venue: Bangalore (South Asia Events)


Power Lecture (Energy Sector)
Venue: Chennai


Lord Austin (Transport Sector –

Theme - Heavy Hauls
Venue: New Delhi


Smart Grid Conference

Venue: Bangalore

The Pinkerton Lecture

Venue: Bangalore



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2. What is the first word of the acronym YPS?

3. Which prominent online portal carried Mr. Prakash Nayak's response to     Union Budget 2012?

4. Where is the Venue for Regional Volunteers' Conference Weekend?

5. What is the presentation competition for young engineers
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The IET lost a valuable member and leader in Mr. D.A. Rajan, 82,
who passed away on March 2, 2012. Mr. Rajan was the former Chairman of the IET Chennai Local Network.

IET India takes this opportunity to remember Mr.
Rajan's significant contributions to help establish
a strong member foundation for the IET in Chennai
and India.

Mr Rajan did his early education in Chennai and
graduated in Electrical Engineering from the U.K. in
1950. Mr. Rajan's association with the IET (then IEE)
began during his college days. As a young electrical
engineer, he began his career with M/s Bursh &Co, in
the U.K.

Mr Rajan returned to India and worked in Mumbai, where he set up a Power Station for Parry & Co. at Ratlam for the Railways. He later joined the General Electrical Company in Kolkata and was an active member of the IEE Kolkata Chapter.

The entrepreneur in Mr. Rajan made him quit his role at GE in

the early 1960s. He returned to Chennai, where he set up his family business in paints.

Mr. Rajan handled several key positions like Honorary Secretary, Chennai Local Network (1998 -2002), Vice Chairman, Chennai
                 Local Network (2003) Chairman, IET Chennai Local
                 Network (2004 -2005).

                 He joined the IET (then called IEE) Chennai Chapter                  as a committee member and later served as Honorary
                 Secretary and Treasurer for the term 1995-1997. In
                 1996, he represented Chennai Chapter at Asia Board,
                 held at Hong Kong.

                 Mr. Rajan always cherished ambitious plans for the
                 IET and worked towards it. He was instrumental in
                 establishing a separate office for the IET Chennai. This
                 office space has now become a meeting and networking place.

In the fifty years of his association with the IET, Mr. D.A Rajan went beyond the role of an office bearer. He was a visionary who dreamt of a strong network of engineers driving activities that would benefit the engineering fraternity and the society at large.