“When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole.........and the instruments through which we shall be able to do this will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.” –
Nikola Tesla in an interview with Colliers magazine,1926.

90 years after Nikola Tesla made this prediction, his words seem to be coming uncannily true. Smart phones in your pocket are connecting the whole world together and internet has changed the way we live, interact, do business, make friends, gain knowledge or get information. The world is increasingly becoming digital and the IET is at the forefront of this change. The 1st ever IoT India Congress 2016 will talk about all this and more. Scheduled on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September at Bangalore, it will feature CXOs from the Internet of Things (IoT) and allied industries, international subject matter experts, start-ups focused on IoT and senior government representatives discuss various aspects of leveraging the potential of IoT. Read all about the exciting congress here. In the run up to the event our local networks are putting together a total of 23 IoT events. I do hope I will meet a lot of you there.

As part of our quest to provide continuous value to our members we have tied up with Communispond, one of the world’s foremost communication performance solution experts. Communispond will offer a very special discounted price for our members desirous of availing their world class solutions. Read about this very special member benefit here.

The 4th of the IET India Scholarship has been announced and as we speak, more than 6,500 undergraduate engineering students have already applied. If you or somebody you know wants to apply, please read more about it here.

In this edition, also read about the unique members’ lounge facility, open to all members and find details about how you could avail this benefit.

Based on extensive feedback received, we are in the process of launching the India Speaker Bank curated by The IET. This is a digital bank of various technical experts who have agreed to speak and share their knowledge on the IET platform. If you would like to join this exalted set of speakers and share your knowledge do not forget to read about how to join the Speaker Bank here. If you would like to invite any of these experts to an event that you are organising, please do read about it here.

Time flies and specially if you are with people you like and love, so it’s not surprising that 4 years of Member Matters have passed and we hardly realised it. As part of our 4th anniversary celebrations, we are bringing a significant number of improvements and changes over the next few issues. We will switch to being completely digital from our next edition (print copies only available on request).The content from the next issue will be more interactive and we ae seriously considering video content. However to kick off the celebrations we are bringing in a new IET themed photography contest in this issue. I look forward to seeing a lot of your photographs with an IET logo soon.

There is lots happening at your institution, and we believe most of it is good, however if you have a challenge or a thought, we would be very interested to know about it. Please find the list of people to contact here.

I have a feeling that 2016 will be an exciting year at the institution and I hope you will be participating heartily in all the activities lined up. Till next time then...

Best regards,
Shekhar Sanyal

Strengthening its focus on imparting quality engineering education, SRM University (one of India’s top ranking universities) enrolled over 1,000 engineering students in the IET. The IET now has student member strength of 2,000 in the SRM campus, making it the largest community of IET student members in any campus, globally. The induction ceremony was held at SRM University campus, Chennai and was chaired by Prof Richard Morling, IET Accreditor & Emeritus Professor – University of Westminster and
Dr C Muthamizhchelvan FIET, Director of Engineering and Technology, SRM University.

Dr C Muthamizhchelvan, FIET Director (E&T), SRM University says, “SRM encourages students to enroll in reputed national and international professional bodies like the IET, ASME, SAE, CSI, IEEE, IETE, etc. The student chapters of the professional bodies arrange technical lectures delivered by renowned scientists; engineers and

industrialists helping them widen their exposure. They help transform the students into leaders, organizers, team builders, team workers and help them understand professional work culture. Our vision for SRM is to globalise engineering education by providing as much flexibility to the student’s education and to adopt latest technologies that are transforming the higher education around the world. Partnership with organisations like the IET aligns well with our vision.”

Congratulating SRM University on this milestone,
Mr. Shekhar Sanyal, Director and Country Head, The IET India said, “The IET believes in the holistic development of students to ensure their technical knowledge is at par with their global counterparts. We are encouraged by the efforts that SRM University is taking to ensure better employability of our engineers.”

2 The IET

Student Members at College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram (CET) had a busy quarter of IET activities. Focused on practical skill developments, the activities included workshops, hands-on sessions, contests and skill development programmes. Hands-on sessions on robotics, embedded systems and microcontrollers were organised. Students presented prototypes of their innovative ideas and solutions at the annual idea contest – Innovations’ 16. CET recently partnered with the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala (IITM –K) in a bid to strengthen its research focus. The partnership will allow students and faculty of CET to work on technology related projects of IITM.


The IET Delhi Local Network organised an invited lecture by Dr V S R Krishnaiah, Senior Technical Director, National Information Centre in
mid-February. The lecture focused on technology in implementation of government schemes and nuances of Digital India was discussed. The Government of India launched Digital India programme with the aim to transform the ecosystem of public services through use of information technology. The programme envisions transforming India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Discussing technologies and policies that would support the Digital India programme, Dr Krishnaiah discussed how good governance can be made available to citizens through synchronised and coordinated engagement activities. He empasised that the key to successful implementation of the programme rests on three pillars:

i. Development of Digital infrastructure
ii. Harnessing governance and services on a demand basis
iii. Digital empowerment of citizens

Mr H C S Berry, President of Institution of Engineers (India) was the Chief Guest. Mr V K Gupta, Chairman, IET Delhi LN, Mr N Venkatesan, Past Chairman, Aman Rajput, Chairman – YP and senior volunteers of the IET Delhi Local Network were present.

3 The IET
The IET network of Subject Matter Experts

The IET is a great meeting place for sector experts. Members and affiliates of the IET can tap into this robust network of knowledge and expertise.

Speaker bank curated by the IET is a repository of the IET’s rich member expertise. IET speakers featured on this page are experts in various areas of engineering. Local Networks, Affiliates /partners of the IET can now leverage this talent pool to request speakers to deliver invited talks, lectures or to facilitate workshops, hands-on sessions etc., at their colleges / organisations.

Access the India Speaker Bank here

IET Tech Dais

IET Mumbai Local Network organised TechDais lecture on Tunneling Technologies for professionals in the Built Environment sector.
Anand Dwarkanath from Herrenknecht - German manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) was the speaker.

Basics of tunneling including types of TBMs, key concepts in supporting face and periphery, tunneling in difficult terrains and risks associated with tunneling remediation were discussed.

Engineering professionals from Indian Railways, Black & Veatch and L&T attended the event. Members and volunteers of the IET Mumbai LN were present.

4 The IET

K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology and IET Mumbai Local Network organised a week long programme, New Generation 4G and 5G Innovation, Research, Scope and Limitation. Aspects of 4G and 5G technology, which provide high speed and increased mobility was discussed. The participants were also introduced to high capacity- IP-based services and applications that feature full backward compatibility to help deliver 4G and 5G services to users. Mr G S Tuteja, Chairman, IET Mumbai LN,
Dr Dilip Pangavhane, Principal of K J Somaiya college,
Dr Milind Nemade (Convener) and Dr Sunita Patil
(IET co-coordinator on campus) facilitated the programme.

The IET student community at Pune Institute of Computer Technology has announced a series of Women in Engineering Sessions for the upcoming quarter. The sessions will focus on various facets of development for women including Women’s Health, Entrepreneurship, Work Life Balance and Financial Management.

First talk of the series, ‘Health of women in engineering profession and its effect on their career’ was delivered by noted Ayurveda Physician, Dr Leena Bavadekar. While discussing ailments that occur to women through different stages of their lives, Dr Bavadekar highlighted the need for disciplined approach to dietary and exercise regimes, stress management as well as sleeping habits.

Dr Bavadekar also gave useful health tips in the Q& A session with students and faculty.

5 The IET

Celebrated on February 28 every year, National Science Day marks the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C V Raman. In its mission to inspire, inform and influence the next generation of engineering geniuses, the IET worked with leading print media in India to carry our spokespeople’s views on STEM education in India.

Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India authored an article for Education Times on the role of STEM education in nation building and how it could be attained at various levels of education. Articles authored by IET Spokespeople were featured in the Hindu In School – which reaches over 2,500 schools in India.

Read excerpts from these articles below.

The study of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) has always been highly regarded in India. Children barely in their teens are constantly pushed by their parents to start preparing for competitive engineering entrance tests. Large numbers of tutorials and classes are mushrooming all over the country. Estimates show that close to 1.2 million engineers graduate from Indian engineering colleges each year. However, various studies suggest that only 18% of them are employable.

So, what is going wrong? STEM subjects are important but if their end point is limited to an engineering degree, it is restricting. A basic education in STEM should be a launch pad not just for engineers, but for scientists, researchers, mathematicians, physicists, data scientists, doctors, pharmacists and many others. Each of these roles has a critical impact on the growth of our country.

The way STEM subjects are currently taught in schools and colleges do not allow the students to experience the joy of learning or experiencing these subjects. The pleasure of learning through application is largely ignored by our education system, which thrives on rote learning. And the simplest benchmark of such a STEM education system with least variances is an engineering degree.

How do you convert this vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle? We should start with schools. As a first step, it is important to break down the silos that exist in the way STEM is taught at school.

While most of the work on making STEM exciting has to be done in school, the approach has to continue in universities. Finally, I think as parents, each one of us should encourage our children to focus on STEM, not because it will become their passport to a job, but because it will help them develop a scientific bent of mind. If each citizen of the country, even though not following a career in STEM, is of a scientific disposition, it will be of immense benefit to industry and the nation. Special days like the National Science Day are perfect opportunities for schools, universities and parents alike to commit to this cause.

Yoda, Dr. Who, Tony Stark, Frankenstein…characters of popular science fiction stories have captured the imagination of people across borders and ages. I’m sure you have your favourites too.

While sci-fi movies and stories have a distinct entertainment value, they have also inspired innovations we see around us. Anything from a safety pin to a driverless car are examples of simple product innovations. If we could sequence patent citations of leading technology innovations, elements of transformation from fiction to reality will become evident.

In his book ‘From the Earth to the Moon’, French author
Jules Verne describes a group of men worked to build a gun big enough to launch a rocket to the moon. Written in mid 1800s, this sci-fi story is said to have inspired NASA’s Apollo programme which indeed put the first man on moon. In 1900s,
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky used Verne’s initial ideas and proposed the theory of spaceflight.

Igor Sikorsky who invented the modern-day helicopter, was enthused by another Jules Verne’s book ‘Clipper of the Clouds’. Sikorsky often quoted Jules Verne, saying “Anything that one man can imagine, another man can make real.” American inventor Simon Lake is said to have been mesmerized by the idea of undersea travel from the time he read Jules Verne’s classic science fiction ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”. Later Simon built the first submarine to operate successfully in the open ocean earning him a congratulatory note from Verne.

The inventor of the first Liquid Fuelled Rocket Robert H Goddard was inspired reading a newspaper series by English author
H G Wells, based on his novel ‘War of the Worlds’. The ‘replicators’ that first appeared in Star Trek, a popular American series featured machines that could produce food out of thin air. It is no longer a sci-fi prop. Anjan Contractor, who is commercialising the NASA 3D printer technology through BeeHex, Inc, envisioned a 3D Pizza Printer for NASA’s astronauts. Star Trek has also reportedly motivated
Martin Cooper, Director - R&D at Motorola, to design the first mobile phone.

Does your favourite sci-fi hold potential ideas for a futuristic innovation? Why don’t you find out for yourself? May the force be with you!

6 The IET

Marwadi Education Foundation’s Group of Institutions (MEFGI) - Technical Campus is the latest addition to the IET Academic Affiliate list, taking the count to 24.

Located in Gujarat, Western India, the campus opened in 2009 offering undergraduate and post graduate programmes in Engineering, Architecture, Computer Applications and Masters in Business Administration. The campus also retains focus on contemporary research and offers doctoral programme as well. The current student strength is 6,500 supported by over 450 faculties.

The engineering college offers specialised courses across 10 disciplines and focuses on imparting real life skills supported by sound subject knowledge to students. The institution houses over 100 labs, some of which in collaboration with leading industry players help students see theory in action.

Speaking on the affiliation with the IET, Director of Marwadi Engineering College said, “MEFGI has a unique three tier

structure to ensure that our students become dedicated professionals, responsible citizens and contribute to the overall growth of the economy. Institutions in primary layer deliver programs in association with a university or statutory body. Best practices are adopted to ensure that students passing out with the respective degrees. Technology changes rapidly, thus always creating a void between the existing knowledge and the industry requirements, we have erected secondary institutions to power the primary institutions to improve the employability and entrepreneurial skills of the students. These institutions help the students to become complete professionals for better market acceptability. Third level of institutions help the complete professional to become a complete human being - one who cares about the family, society and the country. Here the focus is on development of life and living skills. The pace-of-technological development brings in variety of pressures – work, peer, social, personal etc. We mould our students to manage the pressures of social and personal life and live a life of fulfilment, responsibility and joy. Association of MEFGI with globally recongnised professional body like IET is going to play an important role in achieving vision of our organisation.”


Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai is now an IET Academic Affiliate.

The college was established in 2001 with a clear objective to provide quality technical education in tune with international standards. Albeit a young college, it has won several accolades including Certificate for Performance Excellence in the education category (IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award 2015) and the title of Emerging Private Engineering Institute with one of the best industry linkages (AICTE-CII survey 2013-2014). The college also has forged partnerships with Accenture for an Innovation Center, IIT Bombay for Aakash Tablet Application Development and Remote Center for Student and Faculty Development Programme. Thakur College is also a Tata Technologies Centre for Excellence.

“I am confident that this affiliation will help raise our profile and earn a reputation for giving students and staff unrivalled access to essential knowledge and links to key industry stakeholders globally. Furthermore, this affiliation will give our students and faculty an open access to facilities like: Inspec - the bibliography database as well as free user training sessions and workshops. It also provides opportunities for staff to get IET international fellowship, networking with the IET’s international partners from both academia and industry and contribute to IET advisory panels, sectors and communities. I wish all the success and convey my best wishes for the IET’s future endeavours,” says Principal, Dr B K Mishra.

We welcome Thakur College of Engineering and Technology to the Professional Home for Life!

7 The IET

Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Sakhrale, Maharashtra - an Academic Affiliate of the IET organised 3 day international conference on Computing, Communication and Energy Systems in late January 2016. The conference presented an open forum for scientists, researchers and practising engineers to discuss latest developments in the field as well as share research achievements. Pre conference workshops, plenary sessions and invited talks by experts and leading researchers were part of the three-day agenda.

Pre conference workshops

The pre-conference workshops included introductory session to the Internet of Things (IoT), IBM Bluemix – open standard cloud computing platform for building, running and managing applications, open stack cloud by Red Hat as well as practical aspects in design of Transformer for Power Systems using relevant Indian standards.

Call for papers

The Call for Papers section of the conference received 157 technical papers. Post review, 110 papers were selected for presentation. Three top papers were chosen and awarded by the evaluation committee.

Plenary sessions

Baseer M Ahmed (Business Operations Manager, Ericsson Ltd, UK) discussed how business landscape in Information and Communications Technology is evolving. Collection, management, storage, retrieval and distribution of knowledge is key to progress. Technology has enabled us to do this effectively. ICT is thus contributing to improvement of efficiency in public and private administration. He also said that ICT has helped bring people and teams across regional boundaries closer and made it possible to exploit the fullest potential of these networks.

Dr Pradeep Desai, Technology Leader and Head of Software Center of Excellence-India, Bengaluru shared insights into the evolving movement of the Internet of Things. Discussing the role of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Dr Desai took the audience thorough topics including network architecture, governance protocols, sensor networks, middleware, security, standards etc., that come together to make a connected future possible.

Mr Chidambar Joshi, Design Engineer , Black & Veatch Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai spoke on engineering aspects in industrial or commercial installations and applications. Dr Sudhir Bagga ,President, Life Science Medical Center, Healthcare Information Technology,
Redondo Beach, USA discussed an engineering approach to Integrative Medicine.

Samrat Ashok Technological Institute (SATI) – an Academic Affiliate of IET India has announced an International Conference on Signal Processing. The conference will be held on November 7, 8 and 9, 2016 in Vidhisha, Madhya Pradesh.

The three-day conference will feature expert talks, panel discussions, paper and poster presentations on themes and topics pertaining to Signal Processing.

Authors are invited to submit their research works to this conference. For more details please visit the conference website here. Paper Submission Deadline: May 30, 2016.

Benefits to authors include:

  • Papers shortlisted by the conference technical committee for presentations will be submitted to IET (UK) for review and acceptance. Accepted papers will be hosted on IET Digital Library and indexed in INSPEC database.
  • Papers will also be submitted to IEEE for review and will be published on IEEE Xplore Online Library (subject to acceptance).
  • Special discounted fees are applicable for IET Members. Please see details here.

For more details, please visit the conference website

8 The IET

The IET hosted the first of its kind conference in India that focused on ways to help start-ups and business enterprises to monetise the Internet of Things. The conference titled ‘Simplifying the Puzzle: Generating Money in Internet of Things’ took place on January 13 as part of India Electronics Week organised by EFY Group at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bengaluru.

The event showcased success stories from industry experts who have exploited the monetary potential of IoT. Futuristic trends, potential challenges, and guidelines to implement IoT programmes were discussed in detail during the conference.

Somshubhro Pal Choudhury, Managing Director, Analog Devices India delivered keynote address on the current state of affairs in the Internet of Things. Dr Rishi Bhatnagar, Chairman of IET India IoT Panel discussed the multitude of opportunities that IoT presents. Experts from organisations including Bosch, Credit Suisse, Cisco, Intel, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Aeris Communications and Vodafone participated in panel discussions. The discussions revolved around ways to leverage the monetary potential that IoT presents as well as cost optimisation to improve margins in the sector.

Over 120 delegates representing start-ups and business enterprises in the IoT and electronics segment attended the conference.

IET India IoT Panel hosted its Annual Conference on February 20, 2016 in Bengaluru. The event marked first anniversary of the panel. Global Advisory Panel Members, Sir Robin Saxby (Ex-Founding CEO and Chairman, ARM Holdings plc, Mr Jim Morrish (Founder and Chief Research Officer, Machina Research and Mr T V Ramachandran HonFIET, Chairman National Telecoms Council, ASSOCHAM sent their video messages to the panel and working groups, congratulating them on their first anniversary.

Dr Rishi Bhatnagar, Chairman of the panel addressed the audience which included members of the panel’s various working groups as well as industry representatives from various facets of IoT. He also shared highlights of the panel’s achievements in 2015.

Asit Goel of Aeris Communications presented an in-progress whitepaper on the way ahead for IoT Standards. Discussing legal frameworks around IoT, Shreyas Jayasimha of Aarna Law highlighted that although we have a technology roadmap for IoT, a legal roadmap is currently missing. Pyush Gupta of Tech Mahindra shared his perspectives on the impact that IoT could lend to society and its role in making lives better. A rich calendar of IoT events for 2016 was unveiled at the event. Over 70 delegates were present.

9 The IET

The IET India IoT Panel was constituted in 2015 with purpose of evangelising Internet of Things in India and help in accelerating its adoption. This involves getting all the key stakeholders (whether from the providers, consumers or regulators) on a single platform to discuss current challenges as well as the roadmap for the future. There are two aspects of the road map which are critical - the technology that makes IoT possible and how to better it is one of them; the other and equally critical aspect is to get industry and businesses to invest and adopt IoT solutions and hence help grow the IoT industry.

Skill building to enable both these aspects therefore forms an important focus area.

The IoT India congress event will act as a catalyst to achieve the road map set by IoT India panel and will primarily focus on creating momentum towards increasing business investment in IoT, growth in technology, R&D and skill building. It will be the biggest IoT event in India of its kind bringing all kinds of stake holders of the ecosystem and will feature CXOs from IoT and allied industries, international subject matter experts, start-ups focused on IoT and senior government representatives discuss various aspects of leveraging the potential of IoT. The event will act as a platform to connect the already connected ecosystem that depends on IoT to come forward to share, exchange and address the key factors of IoT’s growth like policy guidelines, technology adoption and investments in the sector.

Visit www.iotindiacongress.com for more details and recent updates

In addition to these, Local Networks of the IET are organising multiple IoT focused events in the coming months. For more details about these events, please email us at india@theiet.in.

10 The IET

IET India has tied-up with Communispond to make specialised training programmes available to IET India members at discounted rates. IET India members can avail up to 25% discount on training programmes offered by Communispond.

Since 1969, Communispond has helped over 750,000 client associates – including CEOs, board chairs, sales leaders, sports, media, and political figures – to achieve business goals by communicating with clarity and power.

Communispond offers:

  • Expert individual communication coaching for professional development or critical public events
  • World-renowned communication programs – standard or custom, delivered by or licensed – as well as public seminars
  • Comprehensive reinforcement, so new knowledge and skills enter the fabric of your organization

Interested? To find out more about special membership rates, please click here.

As volunteers of the IET you have exclusive free access to IET Volunteers Lounge at our Bengaluru Office. Located on M G Road – the Central Business District of Bengaluru, the lounge will be an ideal location for you to meet clients/ colleagues, or a stopover between your meeting locations to get some work done.

The 290 Sq Ft fully furnished space with two work stations is fully air conditioned and WiFi enabled. A meeting room, with seating capacity of about 8 is also available for you to use. You are welcome to order hot / cold beverages and cookies from our office pantry. The lounge and meeting rooms are available on a
pre-booking basis between Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00PM with the exclusion of public holidays.

Please email us at india@theiet.in, mentioning the date and duration for which you will need access to the volunteer lounge. We will get back to you with the availability and/or confirmation.

11 The IET

Send in your entries to us at membermatters@theiet.in
before June 01, 2016.

Dear readers,

We’re happy to announce an exciting new contest The IET & I. We’re looking to capture some of your memorable moments with the IET in this photography contest. Here’s what you have to do:

Send us a high res photograph of 300 dpi or more (digital copy would suffice) of you sharing a memorable moment with the IET. You could send us your photos from an IET Local Network event, posing with a speaker at an event, from an IET Student Chapter activity or using an IET product or service. Selfies are welcome too! &

Tell us in less than 50 words as to why this photo is a memorable one for you.

We will share select photos on the IET’s social media channels. 2 winners will win exciting prizes from the IET!

So hurry up! Strap on your cameras and cell phones and get clicking!

12 The IET

Applications for the 4th edition of IET India Scholarship Award opened in mid-March and over 6,000 engineering students across India have applied. With a combined prize money of Rs 800,000 the scholarships reward and celebrate individual excellence and innovation among undergraduate engineering students by challenging them to solve the social causes with their technical know-how.

“We are absolutely delighted with the response we have received so far for the IET Scholarship award. We are looking for engineering leaders of tomorrow who have the ability to come up with unique and scalable ideas for solving pressing societal problems. This is the 4th edition of the scholarships and we are committed to create an enviable brain pool of engineering community in India and it gives the IET great joy to reward and celebrate the ingenuity of these undergraduate engineering students”, says Shekhar Sanyal, Director and Country Head, IET India.

The India Scholarship award evaluates participants across rigorous parameters that include academic performance, extracurricular activities, range of outreach activities and the participants’ ability to come up with engineering solutions to solve problems impacting society.

The deadline for submission of applications is May 10, 2016. For more details please visit – http://scholarships.theiet.in

Member services

If you have a query related to your membership, a request, feedback or a complaint, please write to Shilpa Rani
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